WION Health Summit | Dr. Harsh Vardhan's keynote address on India's COVID-19 strategy


WION Health Summit | Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s keynote address on India’s COVID-19 strategy

India’s Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan keynote address on India’s COVID-19 strategy. He said that India is the biggest manufacturer of vaccines in terms of volume. It is therefore certain that India will be a production hub for COVID-19 vaccines.

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  1. Z V says

    Waring mask should make compulsory in India for the next one year to contain ccp virus. This virus is a kind of calculation from 1 to 3 to 9 to 27 to 81 to 243 to 729 to 2187 and continues. Countries which are poor in calculation suffered alot.

  2. Santosh S SriKrishnan Iyer says

    GOOD2GREAT MORNING SUNRISE! 🙂 WOW! 1ST Time I Heard Health Minister Speakup in English! Education Reforms are working!

  3. thekeyboard warrior says

    b4 watching, i ask my self… am i going to waste my time for this video?

  4. Yogita Dhiman says

    Dr. Harshwardhan still denies community spread why

  5. Elle T says

    CCP & WHO must pay the world.

  6. Himalaya Gajjar says

    This criminal donning "cloth" mask and spreading fear is on globalist, WHO, Pharma industry payroll, should be tried for crimes against common Indians. "We have left no leaf unturned", stop it there, can't get more ludicrous. "Covid has shattered all sectors of economy", and what have you done, ensured that it remains that way.

  7. Aditya Iyer says

    Harsh Vardhan sir salute

  8. Keerthi Nambyar 1111 says

    Life here is temporary.. the real life is after this. Stay safe and stay home.

  9. Joy Howard says

    The doctor is spewing out Globalist NWO=NEW WORLD ORDER talking points! Globalist wish to take control of ALL countries, economy, freedoms, rights, businesses, and money currency, open borders ( world wide) against the will of the people of each country. WATCH , LISTEN & RESEARCH your leaders, and what they are wanting to change in your countries.Be cautious. Also, I've realized how convenient it is for our leaders and those in high offices are able to keep professional body language experts from reading their facial expressions ( whether lie, truth, hiding something, sincere, fear, etc.. )EVERYONE stay informed & do your research to be informed not just on the Wuhan virus ( covid19) but everything our countries leaders & departments are doing, NATIONALLY & LOCALLY. Much Respect & love to India ❤️. God bless,stay safe and well informed.

  10. Julian Wiki says

    Its pretty simple. All pandemics comes from zoonotic diseases. Leave animals alone. Stop eating and using them. Ebola, Sars, Swine flu, bird flu, Mers, Aids, Covid19 all caused by messing with animals. Humans are the virus!!

  11. KL CHAI says

    Indian is so jealous about China's achievement which make it no face so it behave like the west, find trouble of China, it should learn from China but opposite, it thinks that if it behaves like Trump will make India great, but unfortunate, behaves like Trump will only make it great in corona virus infection and death figure like ARMerica, not other than that。 China is in fact contribute the most to the world, India basically contribute nothing, western countries robbed the most in the world with its colonist mentality for the pass 500 years, wake up. Indian government is as greedy and bar-ba-ric as the wes-tern in-hu-man people with all its neighbors as its enemies, it always think of invading and occupying of its neighbor, this kind of mindset is inherited from its ex master colonist UK, and it also want itself to be a colonist anxiously, but unfortunately, although it has sky high ambition, but its capability is centuries behind its ambition, in the IT industry, it can only make use of its cheap labor to make it famous in the world and maintain the most lowest position in the industry, the highest level in IT industry is chip design and manufacturing, it will forever no chance to touch on a little bit, a country can't even build the most simple rice cooker, not mention about the high end technology product development, sorry to say, I really can't think of what Indian can over take China besides its Human Manufacturing Industry, 100 years later, India will sure not be able to reach the current stage of China, China's 350km/hour high speed railway system already covered the whole country and many counties in the world but Indian still enjoying the fruit of railway system inherited from its colonist master, Tibetan already lives much better than Indian but Indian still lives like wild rat, this is the different of two nations, the different of two cultures, the different of two system, and also the different of 2 destinies, China is the country most trustworthy in the world and it just beside its border but Indian chose to trust its ex colonist and continue to be its mentor colonist, how s tu pid this people is and how you think you can improve if your mentality and IQ is so low and can’t even solve a very simple question like 1+1=2. Chai From Malaysia.

  12. sivam jayapal says

    IMF control the world biolab under control here after…..

  13. sivam jayapal says

    World LABS are facing EAST side= Indian temples facing EAST side ..

  14. sivam jayapal says

    WHO=medicine UNSC=countries BOUNDARY.

  15. Manabendra Paul says

    Can we have zero corruption in India, can the government officials and politicians refrain from corruption in India, rest will be history.

  16. avinash kargal says

    Dashing entry of queen of news channels

  17. WTF BBQ says

    All you really need to know is that China lied and people died. This ain't a normal virus.

  18. Materialism says

    India is top importer of coronavirus , Incredible India !

  19. Steven X says

    How incompetent this Mod gov and the whole country could be? India is on the way to beat US to be the No. 1. The world should close door to this cesspit country

  20. Materialism says

    indian love coronavirus !

  21. Materialism says

    Congrats Indian u r on the move to become Coronapower !

  22. 印度脑炎 says

    Indians can go to overthrow the Indian government, and then we can make friends with you.

  23. William Jee says

    Is the Pandemic over? Is this Year 2025?

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