Winnie Harlow's Afterparty Beauty Look — Just in Time for Fashion Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


Model Winnie Harlow shares her New York Fashion Week getting ready routine—along with her recipe for a homemade mask.

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Winnie Harlow’s Afterparty Beauty Look — Just in Time for Fashion Week | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  1. Yuna Satō says

    I Loooovvvveeeeee her lips!😢

  2. Youseffap678 eventcurators says

    Its funny how you make make up tutorials for people knowing we don’t understand your skin??? Before beautifying your patched skin, try beautifying your soul and dark heart. Be grateful to every people who comes along your way who helped you to where you are now. Be grateful to every experience that made you who you are today.

  3. Akanksha says

    I have white spot on my lower lip and i am not comfortable and confident enough to step out with bare lips but her confidence just blows my mind.

  4. Iam Brandi says

    She use her skin disorder to get ahead if she didn't have that she'll be basic and average with a bad attitude #basicbitch

  5. J Sparrow says

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  6. Susanna Walton says සැමවිටම බලාපොරොත්තු වන්නේ ඔවුන්ගේ අතුරුදහන් වූ සහෝදරියගේ නැව ඉහළට හෝ අවම වශයෙන්

  7. Shaista Rahman says

    Beautiful 💄💋👑make-up

  8. Shaista Rahman says

    She is so beautiful and confident no regret she is big inspiration for all😎

  9. Irma Sainos Carrillo says

    Impresiona un poco ver a esta modelo, es una enfermedad el vitiligo, no se si exista tratamiento pero da un poco de miedo verla así de repente, sobre todo por que se le ve esa mancha blanca justo en la boca

  10. Adimilson Pacheco Duarte says

    Linda !

  11. Carla Rodrigues says

    Start makeup 4:38

  12. nida Türker says

    She is so beatiful ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Joyce Vlogs Ph says

    Using apple cider vinegar mixed with clay is so relatable the smell though 😂😂😂

  14. Warris Nouaga says

    She is really pretty I don't know why people think the white circles on her face is weird, like do you have style , it's so cutee

  15. Yenifer Salinas says

    Beautiful 😍😍

  16. Şule Turgut Balcı says

    "So are you black or white?"Winnie: yes but no

  17. The aesthetic says

    She has a angel skull

  18. Sevde Mutlu says

    I really want a skin like this! It's really beautiful!

  19. BMO says

    Wooooavvvvv 😍😍😍 you are very very very very very beautiful 😍

  20. Just SomeoneHopeful says

    Peeps thinkin she's pretty…Y'all gotta consult a psychiatrist and get a reality check. Don't let the world's beliefs dilute urs.I won't name her, but srsly, y'all need a reality check. Just bcuz ppl promoting her as the new face of 'beauty' doesn't actually change a thing.

  21. Kirk Tuan says

    Who is she? I dont know her. But I know tyra banks

  22. Hate Lies says

    I love her

  23. Maggie li says

    I love how she doesn’t use foundation to cover up all her skin, she is proud of her skins colors and I respect that so much!

  24. Rachel bmd says

    wow her skin!! she is so pretty

  25. Tiziano Ruffino says


  26. Yelena Budathoki says

    Wow you're so beautiful 😍

  27. che che says


  28. Владлена Ходырева says

    her vitiligo is an art!So beautiful!!!

  29. Ricci Reneé says

    you're not supposed to use a METAL fork when u apply the mask that she's applying. it aint good

  30. Cheri Zagoz says

    Ugly cow

  31. liepa j says


  32. syntax error says

    Nah man, she is cute but that skin issue is not making her atractive at all in my eyes. She thinks she is all that but I Think She is OVERATED. Just an opinion

  33. Mariel Jara says

    I used to do the same with my brows 😂😂😂😂

  34. Ren입니다 says

    why is her skin like that? Patterned like a cow 😅😅 (Just wondering, don't lynch)

  35. Eclectic Mari says

    That's a lot of makeup, and she did a great job.

  36. Anastasia Backlund says

    9:26 lol same

  37. dinesh tamang says


  38. M Salt says

    I love that she’s not wearing gallons of concealer but instead showing off her skin with no apologies. It’s really inspirational and she’s an amazing model

  39. Dayane Smith says

    Você é muito bonita.

  40. Shiksha Maharaj says

    Ur just absolutely gorgeous. U make women like me feel pretty even thou I'm flawed.

  41. Sabika Sarwari says

    She is so beautiful

  42. hamad alabbad says

    You ain’t supposed to use metal with that clay mask😭😭😭

  43. Gladys Simelane says

    African❤❤ I love you ❤😍😚

  44. Kara Browning says

    she is so pretty

  45. analou acac says

    how amzing she is

  46. The Inner Heart Life says

    Her attitude is 👎🏾

  47. MsMakeamark says

    How stupid, let's put on a facial mask with a fork!

  48. Alissa Romzi says

    She beautiful

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