1. Hirantha De silva says

    Excellent …From where I can buy these?

  2. Bonney Dahlquist says

    Its all good untill someone hits a gas line

  3. Enrique Casiano says

    Went theres not food on usa i am going to move to one this countris

  4. Не самый Умный says

    Первым прибором Картофан сажать Хорошо

  5. Carlos Sanchez says

    en lo duro no creo que pelen

  6. Antonio Sousa says

    Tem este máquina de furar buraco aqui no Brasil

  7. seantha bun says


  8. Ben Mcneil says

    I'd like to see them do that where I live that auger would hit the caliche and flip him

  9. Moises Pedro says


  10. MagnetOnlyMotors says

    1:37 open toe shoes = no toe users!

  11. MagnetOnlyMotors says

    0:30 What happens when it hits a root or big honken boulder? Surfuckinprise!

  12. YoUnes يونس says

    انا حنان من لبنان

  13. Лётчик химтрейла в сотовой ячейке says

    Это сельско-хозяйственная выставка,что ли

  14. Arul Kumaran says

    wow super ????

  15. Усмон Боев says


  16. Chikoo Delivery says

    ?????Brother See my YouTube videos and please subscribe ?????

  17. Саша Саша says


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