Unboxing $3000 PS4 Sim Racing Wheel Setup (F1 2020)


Unboxing PlayStation 4 F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition and Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel (direct drive) and Esports sim chassis and chair. Thanks to Fanatec and Sim-Lab for sponsoring these products for the unboxing! Codemasters provided an access code for F1 2020 videogame.
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Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1

Sim-Lab P1-X sim racing chassis

F1 2020

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  1. TheRelaxingEnd says

    Who's your favorite driver? (any)

  2. Steijn van Kuijk says

    Tip: try to shift manually it Will make youself faster

  3. Ivan Rosado Gomez says

    De dinero vien pero para conducir eres pésimo

  4. Mozard says

    What will happen if you press that emergency button?

  5. Mighty Megatron says

    What's going to suck is if that expensive wheel won't work on the PS5 like the logitec wheel on PS3 that didn't work on PS4.

  6. Mighty Megatron says

    3 days later WTF??

  7. jay jay says

    when i saw the screws it would take me a whole day to build it

  8. marco168888 says

    ? PS5 is coming out in 3 months time! #depreciation

  9. Harrison Crocket says

    Who’s an og who remembers his kino der toten high rounds

  10. Darmok says

    You call that a box cutter? (I really just want the wheel: probably $500 alone)

  11. I bims says

    Does it work out of the box or you have to do connect it to a computer first and do a software update? Thx

  12. nuggetsgone crazy says

    Your driving with all assist on

  13. Osama Bin Laden says

    i remeber when this guy was recording himself getting to high rounds on cod 1

  14. A.E.T says

    I love Gran Turismo Sport

  15. Bob Furlotte says

    That is all very well but is it going to be usable on PS 5 and GT 7? Second thought the switching and buttons sound very cheap for a $3000 wheel.

  16. Lil David says

    Do u play only in ps4?

  17. Ryan Lawlor says

    The Hannibal Lecter of Sim Racing !!

  18. vjollila96 says

    why is your screen so high?

  19. Adit says

    Why fanatec send those to this guy?

  20. TBRS says

    Racing games are best. That setup is awesome. I think my setup is good i have g29+shiter but that is next level?

  21. Alung Luthfian says

    It is a tool that I've been dreaming of all this time because I'm very racing car games ??

  22. Darrin Fehr says

    Hatori Hanzo

  23. Dennis Sågström says

    Does it include G-forces?

  24. Manuel Neuwirth says

    Crazy shit, this wheel ist the most awesome wheel on this planet. I would collapse when fanatec send me this amazing thing

  25. sheila ally says

    That is equal to 6 million in my country Enough to buy my self a car

  26. Joydeep Karmakar says

    Teacher:- Who is relaxing end❓Me:-. ? ? ? ? ??

  27. Aussie Cormack says

    Imagine having that setup and being total ass in auto with paddle shift

  28. Grant Fogarty says

    People who actually play these games would die for that setup.. and they would use the brakes too.

  29. Anthony Gunawan says

    It's the Stig

  30. Mi Geek says

    Luxury aliexpress gloves

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