Top 11 Open World Zombie Survival Games For Android & iOS


Best Open World zombie based survival games for Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere

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Zombie based open world survival game! Hope you guys find something good to play

*Size I have mentioned is the total storage size
*1, 4 & 8th one can be played offline

Always listening to your suggestions! Many more interesting list coming up, stay tuned 🙂

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Shadow Of Kurgansk:-

2)Dawn Of Zombies:-

3)Stay Alive:-

4)Radiation City:-
Android (need to pay for full game)-

5)Live Or die:-

6)Dark Days:-



9)Last Day On Earth:-

10)LastCraft Survival:-

11)Horror Forest 3:- (currently only available on Android, for info/links visit my webpage below):-

Additional upcoming:-
12)Dawn Awakening (also known as Code Live they have changed the name & game will have cbt this month on September 16 only for china..)

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you’ll find alot of games of you’re type to play.


  1. Mercy Donato says

    Try occupation 2.5Its a open world game and its surprisingly good

  2. M CHERR says

    Offline or Online 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Ankush tomar says

    Please bro give me a link of a game like pubg

  4. Retro Monkey says

    These games are good!

  5. Jostin García wila says

    Estuvo super que bueno el video

  6. the gaming geek says

    Please never get a cringy troom troom voice actor please

  7. Edwin Odhiambo says

    0:20 I love shadow of kurgansk.For me it is the best aurvival open world game ever

  8. Arcanesdogma says

  9. Edelll says


  10. Dr. Aher says

    15 day rules ??

  11. RYVIUS 12 says

    Can you recommended game in samsung j2 prime

  12. Carrot Man says

    Inspired By Vin

  13. I'm ASŪRA says

    Aye yo…Last Day on Earth is not of 920 Mb, it's 400 MB . To be precise 388 Mb. I know cuz I play it.

  14. Black Alpha says

    Life After is great until you realize that you have to farm hours in a row for every thing

  15. PRÈ PRO says

    Pls show online or offline.

  16. InstanT Nightcore says

    Is there offlinegame in this video

  17. Ruan pør games says

    Do you have multiplayer?

  18. BOYS CHANNEL says

    Offline or online

  19. Санитар из психбольницы says

    Hello from Ukraine

  20. Rain Yamamoto says

    This games would have been good if they don't have energy system of some kindBut great video though hope you make one where there are no energy needed to play

  21. MD. Mikata Khan says

    make the second vid about psp games

  22. ABRANESTIC says

    wow nice video bro ❤️

  23. dark games 45 says


  24. JL S says

    the best life after

  25. Danny Shyoko says

    Just hoped that these type of games had actual multiplayer instead of just single player

  26. Power Cat says

    Nowadays there are too many games like LDOE

  27. Alkadias says

    I appreciate the effort you put it but what saddens me is 50% of them are LDOE clones and they are still making more of these …

  28. Aeryn OFFICIAL says

    Shadow of kurgansk the best!!

  29. The Gaming Caves says

    Snake Rivals – Chasing King –

  30. Alexander Vega says

    Muy buenos juegos, gracias

  31. abhishek barla says

    After pubg mobile been banned in India, please suggest some good battle royale android games… 😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Top10GamesWEL says

    Let's train. The apocalipse is comming.

  33. Rodik ! says

    Where dont starve ?

  34. kaptan baba 23 says

    Ne yapıyonuz

  35. prem kumar tripathi says

    Love from india

  36. Shaikh altaf says

    Life after banned in india 😂😂😂

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