This Football Game is Rated "M"


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Since Madden 21 is a few months away, let’s play this football game that is rated M for mature

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Today, we play Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition, a newish (LOL) sports video game where you can die in the game lol. This football game is rated M for Mature. We are going to be playing games like this until Madden 21 comes out, so enjoy!

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  1. RBT says

    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.

  2. Bryan Cortez says

    why did u try to stop them from scoring u knew they would score either way

  3. Wesley Watson says

    Literally Raiders the game

  4. Taiven Duwaik-Albright says

    He actually starts playing the game at 7:51

  5. Mustafa Toker says

    Your next video you should play a game that teaches you to read. Masochist is like 8th grade reading level…

  6. Jesse Snyder says

    Titans shirt lets goooo

  7. card prod. says

    Atleast kyler murray is thriving.Skyler fury: am I a joke to you?

  8. Boston SportsFan says

    Lazarbeam played this already. I've been waiting for another gameplay of this game for 2-3 years.

  9. Loki Boy says

    This game was fun back in the 90s… Bones jackson was a beast! There was also a cartoon…

  10. MalRulesAll says

    Wth 🤔😅😨

  11. Stealtoe says

    You fitten to get that Kim K connect.

  12. Thayer El-Dajjani says

    are bee tea

  13. Thayer El-Dajjani says

    mommy mommy MOMMY in my TOMMY

  14. Tristan Ewing says

    Im a panthers fan

  15. maverickhunter24 says

    The best part of the video is watching rbt get so exciting for this game. I said wait till he find out about dynasty (franchise) mode and he saw that 40! NOW! You will know my pain, , Sir.

  16. uvaguy81 says

    If you download some extras, there's a bunch more teams you can download, the Brawltimore Razers as one of them. Each team is $0.99.

  17. Keith Richemond says

    it way passed 5,000 likes were is the next one

  18. Corey C says

    Didn't you ever play mutant League football back in the day it was great not like playing a regular football game but when you get good it's fun as hell

  19. Cj Rapoza says

    Love this game

  20. Gorgina Burrell says

    how do you download this game in Jamaica and sorry for my language

  21. Linda Howard says

    What team is the Bengals?????

  22. GreeN LeaF32 says


  23. Ethan Odom says

    He had to use the 40 overall

  24. Benjamin Farias says

    This game is so terrible, dude.Don't stop playing it.

  25. Benjamin Farias says

    Panzers sound like "pansies" so I have that name right off the bat.

  26. melsiah beast says

    Since u loss I unsubscribed and dislike the video and report

  27. Not_pop tart says

    Plz post more of this. This is better content then madden

  28. Heath Belan says

    So Raycon is basically a rip-off of Air Pods

  29. Casey Rupert37 says

    Iron Jaw Franchise

  30. ZzX XzZ says


  31. Pol Braxxtyn says


  32. TC Flex says

    who else watch the other episodes before this came out

  33. Benjamin Mora says

    Hey rbt where do you live not being weird

  34. LENNET 38 says

    This game is what the xfl wanted to be 😂😂😂

  35. joe cool says

    Try Bloodbowl next then…..

  36. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  37. Lando 24 says

    My brother is a titans fan

  38. Ayden Triplett says

    Won't be watching this channel agian talking to damn much and less gameplay dude annoying

  39. Sylvia Fay says


  40. Ethan Cantwell says

    I see what you did with ray lewis

  41. JQ Boogie says

    The Panthers need to use this name lol

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