The Problem With Racing Gaming Chairs


Do Racing Gaming Chairs Suck? Some people love them, some people hate them. I think they are okay but there are definitely some things to watch out for before buying one for yourself.

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  1. AbsolutelyFullMetal says

    get away from the mic dude

  2. Blacula Playz says

    just strap on a recaro on an old ikea chair

  3. Random Guy says

    My one is awful

  4. Taunter Atwill says

    Test it out before you buy? Almost all of this CRAP is sold on line. :-))

  5. Chester Gilman says

    Actually PC gamers: I have a TW version 3000 TKT with 3.5 GPD worth of space with a 3000 dollar gaming chair.Me: I have a HP laptop with steam on it.

  6. ALVA says

    Yes, gaming chairs is absolutely sucks just for gimmicks. Otherwise yes, ergonomic chair is the best for longlife comfort

  7. 19 says

    But gaming chairs improves your aim to aimbot level!

  8. Lidge1994 says

    I have a semi-gaming chair, just type Jysk Snertinge, amazingly comfy, only now after about 3 years of using it EVERY SINGLE DAY and sometimes sleeping in it do I feel a bit of discomfort with certain areas of the seat portion.

  9. Rinkashime Arumeda says

    I use a Rocking chair when gaming

  10. HailPriest says

    Oh shit I forgot I play standing up. 🤪

  11. Alejandro Salazar says

    I have an eames soft pad executive and its 3 million times more comfortable than those gaming chairsEdit: don’t get me wrong their very expensive but it’s definitely worth it if you have the money because it’s like a tighter hammock with padding it conforms to your body

  12. ImADawgSoDealWithIt says

    Just use a normal office chair with only height adjustment

  13. Zach Sano says

    It really does cause friction my legs that is like getting extremely slow carpet burn over the course of the hours I typically spend coding or working on artReally looking for a cushion to add that might help

  14. Void says

    i just bought a fully working race car and ripped the seat out of it it worked for me 10/10 best way to get a racing chair

  15. PopePepe says

    the biggest point is definitely that only a few chair's can lock the twist function. so if you are steering the whole chair move with your ass

  16. scary says

    sir you are the fucking king of drawing

  17. Jay- Rus says

    AKRacing Opal….more comfortable seat design, yet still provides the benefits of high back etc The opal also is a simplified design that isnt a flashy “look at me” design.

  18. VIC DAV says

    An expensive chair called CHAIR = $100 / GAMING CHAIR = $400 / RACING GAMING CHAIR = $500 / ERGONOMIC CHAIR = $600 / ERGONOMIC EXECUTIVE CHAIR = $1,000 ETC, ETC, ETC…Now, choose! 😀

  19. Liberty Discharge says

    i hear gaming chairs improve aim

  20. Juan Fateen says

    i liked when he said"you know what to do" instead of telling "like, subscribe and comment"

  21. flakesar says

    I heard you get aimbot with gaming chairs

  22. Matthew says

    The secret lab Titan have adjustable lower back support

  23. Anatolie Braga says

    Hello ! Si ça peut vous aider, je suis tombée sur un site qui fait une présentation d'un super offre de Chaise Gaming: …. Bon achat a vous!

  24. arthurmorgan24 says

    i have a 10 dollar chair i bought on ebay it was destroyed then i recycled it and now it is with me for 8 years till this day. fuck race gaming chairs all hail the 10 dollar chair

  25. Jwwqp says

    why everyone that makes youtube documentaries sounds the same

  26. Vince M. says

    It appears when you but either a dxracer or secretlab you get more FPS and you can see through walls.

  27. Yadevman Patel says

    I can't afford it that's it😅

  28. Sans says

    Only 399!

  29. JUKENZ says

    Anyone know how to lock the gaming chair in recline position mines feel like I’m always about to fall forward

  30. LemonJuicePlays says

    i just bought a gtracing gt505

  31. Cole says

    Honestly I prefer the gaming chair style over office chair. I was at staples looking for an office chair but most where stiff and upwards of 250 dollars. But I found a very adjustable gaming chair for 180 and it was much more comfortable than the office chairs.

  32. Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music says

    Most office chairs are terrible. Really, the vast majority are beyond awful.

  33. lego liker says

    me watching this with a GXT racing gaming chair: 👁️👄👁️

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