Racing the €1.7M Ferrari Monza SP1 in Maranello | Nico Rosberg


Ticked off the Ferrari Headquarters Museum in Maranello of my bucket list! I’m happy to share this unique experience with you. Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss my next Q&A video:

I really enjoyed visiting the Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Museum with all the history: Epic Ferrari classic cars, impressive Ferrari F1 cars and the fastest and most powerful Ferrari Hypercars. In between I visited the Ferrari manufacturing line – such an amazing experience to see the 488 Pistas right from the production line! Afterwards I went to Fiorano – the Ferrari test track – for some incredible Hot Laps in the 1 of 160 Limited Edition Ferrari Monza SP1! To crown the day we drifted through the mountains in Maranello in the Monza SP1 and the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Just the Monza SP1 is worth €1.7M – so of course I was very “careful”…;-)

Experiencing this day was always on my bucket list – and I loved it! What would you most like to do in Maranello? I’m looking forward to your comments.

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A personal note: Cars are my passion and they will always be. At the same time, sustainability is a very important topic for me. This year I am putting an emphasis on making all my projects carbon neutral and decreasing my environmental footprint by supporting numerous global projects in areas such as Italy, South America and Africa – in cooperation with partners like e.g. Treedom. My goal is to not only offset my carbon emissions, but even overcompensate them in the long term.

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  1. Nico Rosberg says

    What an experience! Ferrari Museum, exceptional cars, Hot Laps in Fiorano…What would you most like to do in Maranello? Subscribe to this channel, so you don’t miss my next Q&A:

  2. Alex osuna says

    El campeón

  3. Proxo20 says

    6:55 the video starts

  4. MajesticDemonLord says

    That car looks like the only safety equipment you should be wearing is a set of Driving Gloves and a dashing mustache

  5. Rohit Seth says

    Nico, always liked you, even though I've been a Ferrari fan for close to 30 years. Was thrilled when you won the championship. And I think you're doing an excellent job of being the best brand ambassador for motorsport. Proud and happy for you. Oh, and by the way, we bumped into each other in Montreal. Got a picture. You looked really happy to see me 🙂

  6. KrakenUnleashed says

    I like his jacket, nice style

  7. Colin Toews says

    My life is like that too. ?

  8. Hokkaege. says

    Sadly missed the FXX K and the Evo But still very cool

  9. Milky Way Phoenix says

    Welcome to driver ferari f1 nico

  10. Andreas Vandug says

    Yoo that jacket is so sick! Anyone know where it's from?

  11. Kamina Bina Hasina says

    Mercedes man in Ferrari Family

  12. Nigel L says

    2:16 hey that front wing is different

  13. Emperor Palpatine says

    1:50 You already know Mercedes cancelled his AMG One- Order after that??

  14. Abhinav Tripathi says

    Porsche smirking sarcastically…

  15. dante316a says

    10:52 yeah thats what taking good care of it is all about

  16. tashrique karriem says

    They should make one with a Halo

  17. Muhammad Ghiffary says

    10:40 i mean, youve driven a 10 million dollars f1 car before…

  18. Der Thilo says

    WOW!!! as if i watched a sky sports f1 production, or maybe..even….better

  19. RidiPwn says

    Museum of Natural History: What?Museum of Ferrari: Can we stay here another day?

  20. GTAGIS says

    LaFerrari is probably the most ugly hypercar in the world and without any noblesse at all with its Duracell engine. And with the most ridiculous name ever The nicest hypercar in the world is McLaren F1the nicest hypercar Ferrari in the world is the F40 and then the 288 GTO or maybe vice versa.The most nicest front V12 is the F12 and the SP Monza is just a F12 with some modifications in order to multiply the price by almost 5 times.Ferrari uses this way to improve revenues and with huge margins.It s like the Straddale which is a 488 which is a 458.the last real and nice Ferrari Berlinetta is the 355 Ferrari is targetting a 40% margin on sales on average and that is the way you can trap gogo.if F1 has been turned into Formula Parking then everything can be done.I wonder what Enzo Ferrari would be thinking if he could see into what F1 has turned into and what his company is selling and which commercial approach it is taking.For instance, the sticker next to the front wheels was reserved for special cars or V12 that are not 2+2. in other word, it is a noblesse sportive sticker. Today, you have to pay around 10k for that !

  21. Alfaro Júlio-Araújo says

    I bet that vw he get it for free as compliment from them for a WC driver.

  22. Alfaro Júlio-Araújo says

    I can live near maranello… just imagine that.

  23. Kithmevan Irangaa MW says

    In a totally non political statement: There's nothing like an endorsement with a plethora of superlatives from a F1 world champion (who won the championship as a rival) to boost up a brand, desperately trying to prove their breed in the world they dominated back then.

  24. blackme1 says

    Incredible video

  25. RallyDriversFury says

    its wild that 07-08 was last time ferrari had wdc capable car

  26. Zouhair Blh says


  27. Pineapple says

    World champion for MercedesDrives FerrariLeaves in Volkswagen

  28. 代开发票【加微信: xujy56789】开发票【联系:13714611772许经理】 says

    have res

  29. Ahmad Sidawi says

    Kinda looks like an RX-8

  30. exotic streaming says

    Best quote. Traction off is only you and god. Nobody else

  31. Darmok says

    10:47 On your left!!

  32. cicciointernazionale says

    F1 world champion screaming on this car "jesus!"… That's all.

  33. Arnamo says

    This looks like an E-Type Jag ^^

  34. Akim Nubi says

    Today's Ferrari F1. Crap so rubbish management rubbish car. Ferrari deserves better

  35. Juan David Rodríguez says

    2:30 grande Ozil

  36. Joel Almon says

    Does "EPIC" fall out of your arse like diarrhea?

  37. vale garcia says

    5:52 la cara del mecanico es buenísima, que hace el flecha plateada acá? …The mecanic's face is great. What is it doign the silver arrow here?

  38. vale garcia says

    Nico, que bien te hubiera quedado el mono rojo!

  39. Michael Jabbour says

    THE WIND IS LOUD – nico rosberg 2020

  40. Roy Angelo says


  41. Jacob Lundström says

    Amazing video, thanks for chearing such a wonderful experience at Ferrari.

  42. Roedor says

    making a U turn without letting go the wheel. That's how you spot an F1 driver

  43. General Lee says

    Song at the beginning?

  44. shiv says

    Nicole a trailblazer for me still

  45. Umberto Falconi says

    Ferrari is Ferrari nothing more to say

  46. Cabbages and Kings says

    Bobby and Bobo said your life is so good, “and now we’re off Canoeing” but they were a bit let down when they see you use wet weather mode around Fiorano, so you will have to make up for it somehow Nico.

  47. sajan shrestha says

    E P I C

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