1. Jason Allmen says

    Made me get beep test PTSD, started hearing that stupid beginning voice in my head, the beeps just kept getting faster and faster… the terror…

  2. mbolduc says

    What's the worst thing about soccer? Telling your parents you like balls

  3. Dustin says

    Soccer was my thing as well but running wasn't. In a game I could run for days, drills or conditioning, forget it. Completely a mental thing because when I got older and got into running, I could run for miles once I got past that mental block

  4. thatdude 1700 says

    When I played baseball, I used to love to throw dirt in my opponents cleats..they did not love it.

  5. BIG BOY SEEEN says

    Are football team all stopped at 69 for the pacer test and we got yelled at

  6. Deondre Micourt says

    i like how pat was the fastest, strongest, and best player but he was always the last person to finish running

  7. Chandler Betts says

    I need to see Pat McAfee the player manager of an expansion MLS team

  8. Mac Anderson says

    Petition for Pat to join that pick up soccer game

  9. Domanic Lucero says

    I thinks it’s 4-0 now lmao

  10. rockn roll says

    this guy is just an embarrassment

  11. rockn roll says

    I was shadowed the whole game.. a huge compliment right. well its called a man-marking system… it have nothing to do with you dummy. they do it to every player and opposition^^ this guy weren`t even a known player

  12. ItsBigL21 says

    As soon as he mentioned the beep test I had immediate PTSD… that was brutal

  13. Alex Dupler says

    Does he call his dad by his first name because he loves him and hates him at the same time or what lol

  14. Renan Stapavicci Pereira says

    An American saying he was a very good soccer player needs a HUGE asterisk beside that sentence. The worst Brazilian soccer players goes to teach Americans how to play the sport.

  15. Wuxia Games Central says

    I was a great poacher in soccer if a ball was blocked but not cleared it was in the goal. A shame my parents never let me do club

  16. Joachim Level says

    no way this fatso could run faster than skinny kids playing soccer

  17. Refresh Yourself says

    Mikasa Ball to play Futsal. That's like national sport in Portugal and that's why we got so many soccer stars here. Everybody plays growin up.

  18. Refresh Yourself says

    Pat a mini Zlatan? That's hilarious

  19. Jack Hanover says

    Soccer is gay

  20. socaliguy81 says

    After a productive 3 week Vogelsinger soccer academy in Santa Barbara back in 1997, we were scrimmaging the girls team for fun. As a midfielder, I took possession and began advancing the ball. Nobody was on me and I just took off straight up the gut towards the goal. About halfway there, I was chased down and tackled (kicked) from behind… rupturing my Achilles and virtually ending any shot I had at a scholarship.

  21. Tony Hemetona says

    McAfee was Lukaku

  22. Christopher Banko says

    Pat mcafee for fifa team of the year

  23. cncdan 13 says

    Kiski area band!!!! If you went to plum youd understand lmao

  24. TheFunkyMonkey Dommy Fid says

    I ran until the video ran out of numbers for the pacer once

  25. Padraig Murphy says

    90% of my yellow cards were me using them to get under the other kids skin and taking them completely out of their game. They were more of strategic yellows than anything. I got a yellow in one game and the ref came over to give me the card and before he could even pull it out of his pocket I started walking off laughing and said I know, I'll be back after the next dead ball.

  26. Kmac Vlogs says

    Frenchmen have a knack for retaliating on the soccer field.

  27. Mohamed Jama says

    That is why pat did so good in kicking football. I play soccer in young age and I use to punt long but I never tried to join American football in high school. Now I regret it because I could have been good nfl player

  28. Imdafish ! says

    4:13 This guy just said that ibrahimovic was fast…

  29. 11 Yoshi says

    8:44 That’s facts

  30. Jacob Wilson says

    Wow Pat; you were actually the guy I hated while playing soccer in high school. Everyone’s laughing; but you were a prick bud.

  31. Bryson Nichols says

    I hate those pacer test

  32. TheToken Rasta says

    Fuck that pacer test in school

  33. Nick Braun says

    Man after this I can’t tell if pat was good at soccer

  34. Pastor Glock says

    I loved being a goalie. I was taller and stronger than everyone my age. I loved stealing people's thunder. And I fucked up a lot of guys ankles and knees. But I also broke my thumb and wrist lol

  35. Philip Suprise says

    Fucking futsal is the best and I could see this dude being a baller at the “Fido” position (bottom of the diamond) or target forward (top of the diamond).

  36. Lord Zedd says

    "This is a fucking terrible game." lol

  37. Marcos Portes says

    i literally just searched up pats high schools is verything is about how batshit crazy the teachers are 😀

  38. Kevin Kaatz says

    "Went to France and played a French guy"

  39. Stevey Irwin says

    the best part about soccer is it costs like $200 bucks to sign up and all you need is shoes and shin pads.

  40. Kevin Acasio says

    I wanna see him play a little soccer

  41. JackO The SoccerBro says

    It’s sad when I’m a keeper and I still do the best on the pacer and other stamina things (in my team at least) my pb for the pacer is 102

  42. Spazzz Gamer says

    Stop and play that pick up game Pat… It would make great media have a camera man with you lol… Wanna hire me for it lol

  43. DONT trolll says

    bigger stronger faster why u stop with eu football then ?? u can earn ALot more than nfl ?love u show <3

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