NINTENDO, GAMECUBE & SEGA GENESIS GAMES! (Live Game Hunting) | $10 Dollar Collection (Episode 2)


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We find our first cartridge based games in episode 2 of the $10 Game Collection Challenge! GameCube, NES, and Sega Goodness!

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  1. ZackTheMuffinMan says

    My favorite NES game is probably the original Zelda. It started it all and I love the franchise today!

  2. AJ Karna says

    Favorite NES games are Mario and Contra as those were the popular ones we payed with friends back when were growing up. We had to pay and play for hours to get through all the levels as we went to a video game store to play.

  3. Dominic Tringali says

    My Favorite NES Game was Mike Tyson's Punchout too. My dad bought it for me with the NES back in 1988 and other than Super Mario was the game I remember playing most often as a kid. My dad was into boxing so he used to play it with me. Good times.

  4. Nman625 says

    My favorite NES game is Bionic Commando by far. I first read about it in Nintendo Power's 260th issue. I was using that magazine to figure out what I should get for my collection. When I finally did try Bionic Commando I was blown away by how fun and snappy it was to swing around with the bionic arm. The rpg elements and variable arsenal are icing on the cake. Such a good game!

  5. SRON Productions says

    Favourite snes is super Mario world it’s a classic

  6. michael kasper says

    My favorite nes game is Legend of Zelda it is just so fun and it really needs no introduction, but Mike Tysons punch out is a really close 2nd.

  7. Alexlestat says

    my favorite nes game is definitely Mike Tyson's punch out, love to speed run it, and all the characters are unique, and Mike Tyson himself is such an iconic final boss (better than mr dream)

  8. Joey Montroy says

    it’s probably gonna make me sound basic but the og super Mario bro’s, I love learning about all the speed running and attempting to do it myself

  9. Alfonso Ruiz says

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles was my favorite nes game.

  10. Brad Seville says

    fav nes would be classic mario/duck hunt came with the console still enjoy it today

  11. Justin Blaylock says

    Super Mario 3 is probably my favorite NES game.

  12. CoolJeremy Animations says

    I’m always finding Halo 2 in Goodwill while you find the good stuff.Lucky you are lol

  13. Jake V says

    Favorite NES game has to be Spy Hunter. My dad and I played it alot growing up.

  14. TheJwrich says

    My favourite news game is dragon quest, it introduced me to one of my favourite genres

  15. screwedball says

    Super Mario Bros. 3 for sure

  16. Jay Tackett says

    Favorite nes game: blaster master

  17. Joshua Graff says

    Favorite nes game is super Mario bro’s. For obvious reasons.

  18. camomagic1 says

    Fav nes game is balloon fight

  19. MC Shnookle Dookle says

    My favorite nes game is Mario bro’s 3 cause that’s my parents favorite

  20. 4packdaddy says

    My favorite NES game has to be Pinball. It’s so addictive and you get to play as Mario in the bonus stage!! Simple but that’s what I love about it!!

  21. Christopher Schulze says

    Favorite NES game…hands down, Final Fantasy. Game that started me down the RPG road. I still remember hearing that music for the first time.

  22. Cripples23 says

    Favorite Nes game is Metroid that started my love for the Metroid franchise

  23. Brother and sister funtime says

    It has to be Zelda Mario Kirby metroid

  24. Wubox Soccer says

    My favorite nes game is dr mario because it is one of my favorite puzzle games ever

  25. Chris Goulding says

    My favourite is bubble bobble just bought it and started collection going to watch your series now!

  26. dakota williams says

    My favorite nes game was probably duck hunt

  27. itswickedwill says

    My favorite NES game is Tetris. I know it sounds crazy but I really love the simplicity of the game

  28. Tripl3 Jay3 says

    I'd say crash n the boys something about smashing that a and b button over an over to throw the shock put lol

  29. digitalblood13 says

    for me it had to duck hunt, days of play time on that thing 🙂

  30. Luis V1204B says

    My favorite NES game was TMNT because I remember playing it a lot with my older cousin.

  31. Kaylen Chiasson says

    My favorite NES game of all time would go to Dragon Warrior III. I loved exploring the huge world and the monster animations are just the best, but it was Toriyama who drew them after all haha!

  32. Jan Jacobs says

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Arcade Game! I beat that game so many times, and even today i play it very often. With my kids now 🙂 To get them into retrogaming. Double dragon 2 is a very close second.

  33. Tyler Baer says

    Favorite NES game is definitely Super Mario 3. I remember so many good times playing that with my cousins growing up.

  34. VantaViper says

    My favorite NES game is super Mario bros 3. I remember hanging out with my friend after school and he showed me how to get the warp whistles and I went crazy when he warped to world 4 without beating world 1, 2, or 3!

  35. Tyson L says

    I like super Mario bro’s for nes

  36. TheGamingCrysis says

    My favorite NES is Excitebike

  37. Chase Foster says

    Favorite NES game? I’m for the classics so Super Mario 3 I would say… still play it and so many hours logged in to that game

  38. Ryan Davadi says

    this series will blow up bro. there’s a few YT channels that do this but you have the vibe and the editing already down. it’s just a matter of time before it blows up. you should try commenting on metaljesus videos. I know he likes helping out YT channels too

  39. Tyler from Space camp says

    My favorite NES game is Dr.Mario. I still don't know why but my brother and I would jokingly fight that Tetris was better and I would say that Dr.Mario is better.

  40. Bill Hostler says

    Loved Final Fantasy. Me and a friend played for weekends trying to complete.

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