1. mark zagondo says

    LOL i still remember chris' sidemen charity match penalty today

  2. Rosie Keith says

    We love you honey 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  3. Kaz says

    First challenge more like gareth bale challenge

  4. Janice Tee says

    By the way he puts his music everyone of the kicks has epic music that makes it sound like every shot is the epic goalYou actually never know

  5. nickmatt 2010 says


  6. Isaiah Barnes says

    This vid was on my birthday

  7. mxxzzs says

    4:14 LMAO

  8. SqS Revenge says

    When he offers money he scores bangers

  9. Katja Kirbis says

    yes. pis of.

  10. Ben Edinger says

    0:39 what the heck was harry doing??!??

  11. Saif shweihat says

    Gareth bale would be proud

  12. Krasy Kid says

    Is anyone watching this during Covid-19? If so than I myself pick Dyballa

  13. Ben Pedersen says

    2020 anyone?

  14. Jose Cervantes says


  15. Abdulrahaman Amer says

    I almost peed my pants when he said if I score this I win against the guy who still thinks it's the crossbar challenge

  16. Ghost A4PHA says

    Add chris into sidemen plz

  17. johansel Ceballos says

    That was sush a luky bounce hahha watch it in 2017 now in 2020

  18. Davi Kerlen says

    Quem e do brasil

  19. Tna99 Goo says

    Harry: I came all this way chris: I am calling the police

  20. JogaHDBonito says

    Ehrenmann 👑

  21. Mr Crabs says

    If Harry never scored that penalty, he would be £4,132,806.6‬0 out of pocket. That is based on current views of 20,664,033 views.

  22. shaheen f.c oghi says


  23. Marilia Ferreira says

    Nossa meu Deus

  24. RSR Blade says

    I know this is kinda late, but…0:15 Chris, you mug…SMH.

  25. Fernando Hernandez says

    I’m a YouTuberto and the first 150 likes will get a iPhone 11

  26. ThePasha870 says

    I was looking forward to 20p 🙁

  27. Izzal Din Noufel Mukthar says

    1:12 Music name please.

  28. Alice Ray says

    Harry: if I don’t score this, I’ll give 20p to everyone watching this.20million viewsHe scoresThat would have been £4,000,000 if he missed

  29. Jan Skacha says

    1. Ronaldo2 . Meesi3 . NeimarG

  30. Tom Hunter says


  31. SideBoys says


  32. Tomas Reinosa Henao says


  33. Tejalkera_Msp love says

    Hii everyone!

  34. Alejandro Lugo says

    Que hago aquí???

  35. Gg Dr says

    منو عربي لايك اشترك في ذا شخص يستاهل https://youtu.be/pEqzJ9k51EA

  36. Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.0 says

    4:25 SuPeR SpEeD

  37. Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.0 says

    2:53 THIS IS NOT GOAL 😫😫😫🤯

  38. MC BAMBOU ROI says


  39. Henningmedriflen says

    Hej jeg er dansker

  40. cbdhdt caveat emptor says


  41. TXR- SWIFT says


  42. Kobi Newton says

    Good goals! Keep it up!

  43. Baby Yoda says

    Why was Chris eating a pizza like that?!

  44. Rips0x yt says

    Czasów DLA gościa

  45. Josh Viner says

    Right so he owes 20,508,176 people 20p, what a mistake 😂😂😂😂

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