Money Belt Review with tips for travel safety.


Undercover travel money belt. The hidden waist stash with RFID wallet protection. Ergonomic design. Bonus FREE Travel Safety Abroad eBook. Travel pouch for holding passport, credit cards, boarding pass and cash. Suitable for men and women. Safe, secure and protected from Advantage World. Fully Guaranteed.

SAFE – Out of sight hidden under your clothing. Ideally under jean, pant, trousers, shorts or skirt and over your underwear. Impossible to pickpocket!

SECURE – Front fitted buckle with sturdy 1½ inch wide fully adjustable belt that fits 30 inch to 54 inch waist securely.

PROTECTED – Fully lined dual zippered compartments. RFID protected inner layer protecting against electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.

TESTED – In every continent! – Water resistant, made from ripstop nylon to keep documents, cards, passport, cash and boarding pass dry at all times.

GUARANTEED – Order now with peace of mind due to our – “Try before you travel.” 30 day, better than money back guarantee. See product description below for more info.

– Double stitched 600D Ripstop Nylon.
– Almost weightless weighs under 5oz.
– Easy to adjust to fit your size, unto 54 inch waist.
– Two zippered pockets for organization of passport and currency.
– Hidden pocket in reverse for storing belt when not in use.

– Free travel safety ebook with every order.
– High visibility grab ribbons on the zippers.
– Water resistant – Keep your essential items dry.
– Safely stores cell phone whilst on the move.
– Fully guaranteed. Try before you travel !!!.

What people are saying:
-“Beautiful lined compartments, a quality money belt.”
-“Easy discrete access when I need it, no fumbling around!”
-“I knew everything was safe when it was in my money belt.”
-“The belt is so strong! With sturdy buckle it is so secure!”
-“Much better than the flimsy elasticated money belt I had previously.”

Make sure you don’t miss out and ensure you stay safe, secure and protected on your travels.

  1. Caleb Oliver says

    Thank You! Great Video! 👍🏾

  2. Echo Equani says

    My girlfriend said bra makers should make pockets inside bras so women could put money in them.

  3. fred church says

    fold your paper money in half and put it inside your bra cup. its safe and convient. and turns me on.

  4. Plush Passion says

    Excellent video. Great belt for travel especially for transitioning from one city/country to another. I'm looking for something lighter for day to day use as well.

  5. fred church says

    i like it when women put their money inside their bra cup like dead center in the cup.

  6. Jason Rougeau says

    Would bang

  7. Ama Becky says

    wont the zipper beep on the airport body scanner

  8. paraescucharrap says

    Thanks a lot!

  9. fred church says

    one of the ladys i know carries her wallet directly inside her bra cup. its safe and convient but to be honest if she wears a tight fitting tank top the shape of it does show through a bit. this looks to bulky.

  10. Osca Alva says

    i go with my 20 $ eagle creek rfid chip protection hidden pouch and they cant scan your passport or visa cards thats what they want this thing looks like is waste of money to big bulky

  11. Maxine F says

    Can a pickpocketer go under your shirt without you feeling it particularly if you are on a crowded train? I also thought the belt goes lower down the waist near your underwear.

  12. Krypto Rich says

    Excellent combination of usable features.

  13. Luis Carlos Balma says

    I had always think this product is very helpful when travelling. Need one for my travels!

  14. Andres Pena says

    Comfortable for traveling

  15. Donna Sarullo says

    Nice !

  16. Ina Smit says

    Great idea and these days you can't be careful enough!

  17. Zoe Nichols says

    I like it!! I need one of these!

  18. Alba Lewis says

    I think this is a must for travelling. Having a back up of secret stash is a life saver.

  19. Jeremy Ashton says

    great tips thanks!

  20. Darko Ziv says

    Good review, fantastic travel tips!

  21. minipax says

    Is it uncomfortable? great tips btw

  22. Norton Isaac says

    great way to protect yourself while traveling

  23. Pets Mum says

    Looks really so quality and great product and idea 🙂

  24. Dez Roye says

    Nice size and quality looks good too..

  25. Stacey Janson says

    I absolutely love this money belt. With all of the traveling I've done, I wish I had this sooner! What a great product!

  26. Rumen Bakalski says

    Thanks for sharing! Really nice idea for traveling.Looks like it fits well.

  27. Cristina Domuta says

    Very nice and interesting.

  28. Xina says

    This is such a great idea! We really need to get this.

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