Minimalist Packing for 5 YEARS OF TRAVELING | Golden Packing Rule



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*Full list of items that are in my bag (most of my clothing items are not exact matches, but the closest products I could find)*

Packing equipment:

1 Epic travel bag:
3 Packing cubes:


1 Wallet:
1 Passport: [not possible to buy on Amazon haha]


1 Computer:
1 Phone:
1 Pocket camera:
1 GoPro:
1 Power bank:
1 Hard disk:


3 Explorior t-shirts:
2 Stay Curious t-shirts:
2 Pants: [sweatpants + something a little more formal]
2 Shorts: [whatever you get your hands on, make sure it’s comfortable]
1 Swim shorts: [whatever you find]
1 Neck-warmer:
1 Jacket:
6 Pairs of socks: [whatever is most comfortable]
6 Underwear: [whatever is most comfortable haha]
1 Stay Curious sweatshirt:
1 Explorior cap:
1 Slippers:
1 Shoes:


1 Daily journal:
1 Cables bag:
1 Cosmetics bag:

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This is our travel camera setup:

Main camera:
Action camera:
Pocket camera:
Main lens:
Telephoto lens:
Lens adapter:
Lense filter:

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  1. Jacob Laukaitis says

    UPDATE: It took me a long while but I finally launched the Explorior clothing! Smash this link and be among the first people in the world to rock the Explorior clothes: thanks for the support 🙏

  2. Krystal Beauty says

    Wait, if that’s all he owns then whose house is that? & all those items in it?!

  3. Kate Maresova says

    what I am missing is some kind of watter bottle and food containers, maybe some shopping bag. And obviously a towel.

  4. Grim Darkseid says

    Need to change your camera man.. he does not focus the camera on the important parts of the packing..

  5. M says

    crap my weed weighs 10 kilos… this isnt gunna work

  6. VanishingNomad says

    I think this is over minimalist. There are no contingencies for if something goes wrong. Its also missing a lot of daily necessities.For me, I would make a few changes/additions.First off, I would absolutely have a ultralight backpackers tarp and a full set of rain gear, top and bottom (although, the UL jacket looks like its the top). Also, an emergency thermal space blanket for emergency use. They take up no space and have almost no weight. There is no excuse for not having one or two of them..Second, I would add some layering. His pull over would be replaced with a heavy fur lined synthetic fleece hoodie that has a full front zipper. It's warmer, by a long shot, but the full zipper gives a wide range of thermo-regulating. It can still be used in warmer temperatures because of that. Much more versatile. He needs some sort of sleep system. An ultralight backpackers sleeping bag, or even a US military woobie. I would include at least one pair of merino wool long johns (top and bottom), and an over sized wool sweater. He has a watch cap already. I would upgrade to a wool one. For sox, I would trade 4 pairs in for 2 pair of light wool hiking socks, and 2 medium pairs of hiking socks. Wool is anti microbial, and can be worn much longer between washings. The 2 light pairs can be worn together to synthesis a medium pair while washing the medium pairs. If he is in colder climates, I would trade the last 2 pairs of socks in for one heavy duty pair of wool boot socks. If not, I would just get rid of the last two pairs of socks..Water – he has no water system at all…which is arguably the most important thing. First off, I would replace one of the cube bags with a 35 liter or larger dry bag. This gives the ability to carry lots of water, and even wash cloths in, if need be. Next I would have a Pathfinder 2qt stainless steel bottle and nesting cup. Added to that would be a Sawyer mini filter system. All of that fits nicely into the Pathfinder Gen3 Bottle Bag. Last I would carry a Silcock key to access water from commercial water spigots. This allows to acquire, purify water by boiling and filtering, and also to use as a personal cook system to make chow..Fire. I know he's probably couch surfing, but there is no excuse for not having simple fire making tools. Bic lighter and storm matches with a pack of self relighting birthday candles will probably last him years, but be a life saver if needed. They take up no space and have almost no weight..Tools – Hes not in the wilderness, so he does not need a big Honk'n Rambo knife. But if it were me, I'd be hard pressed to not keep a good multi tool with me. My personal choices would be a Leatherman Wave, or a Leatherman Surge with accessories. I am not even traveling, and not a day goes by that I am not reaching for mine for something (fixed my door bell with it today, for example).Hygiene – He did mention a kit for this. If he does not already do so, carry a flattened roll of TP, at the very least..Basic First aid Kit – It does not have to be huge. At least carry a basic first aid boo boo kit, some anti histamine in case of a surprise allergic reaction, and a fever/inflammation reducer.I know a big huge wall of text looks like a lot, but its really not. Most of this is just exchanging things he already carries for more functional versatile upgrades. The rest are additions that dont take up much space if you buy the right gear. Some of which I consider life support essentials (like the SS water bottle and filter system). I did not really list much in the way of "Just in case" stuff. This is mostly what I would consider "daily working gear". Meaning he would be using it all the time, on most every trip.

  7. 2cool0 says

    where are all the gopro accessories? you can't just carry the gopro… need soooome extra stuff.

  8. Andre Lucas says

    nice video men

  9. PaulParadox13 says

    This sounds more like a ad.

  10. Ar3mis says

    Watching this during corona 2020 😂

  11. Султанбек Арзыханов says

    Lol, this is more than I have

  12. Wala Naman says

    Where is the toothbrush?

  13. Viktor Lustey says

    This guy is PewDiePie 2013 if he would turn into traveling

  14. afringedweller says

    You can get soap bars that also act as good shampoo. I'm guessing you use that black plastic bag as a laundry bag? Have fun!

  15. Mel V says

    Your enthusiasm is delightful 😄♥️Thanks for the tips! I’m prepping to start my minimalist world traveler lifestyle (woop!) and these are great tips for what I need and don’t need. Main thing I took away was GET PACKING CUBES 😂! Ive seen them in multiple other backpackers blogs and videos, but was a little iffy on whether I *actually needed them*. You confirmed that for me, thanks!

  16. Neil Ahuja says

    What's the point in writing in your journal if you don't read it. In the end you'll have to read around 1000 pages over 3 years. That's a bit much.

  17. Johan Van Hooff says

    Always carry your wallet and passport on your body or secure deep pocket.

  18. Mid Heaven says

    When you are making a video about packing is better the camera saws the packing and not the face !

  19. Dusty Cover says

    Where is your toilet paper?

  20. Jo says

    So helpfulI hope I can get this bagBut I'm Egyptian n I dont think I can get it but I'll try

  21. Pisinee Phatchrasophon says

    What do you do with your old journals?

  22. Olguine B says

    My boi, Jacob! That bloody legend!

  23. Beekeeper Q says

    I always thought Rucksack is only the German word and the english one is backpack.

  24. TJ Thunder says

    I had more stuff, but a longer time. 15 years with 40 kilos. Umpteen countries on 4 continents.

  25. My SpiritWay says

    no gimbal?

  26. Four Horsemen says

    Ps you need to add the back pack as well as the cable bag to your collection in the shop!

  27. Four Horsemen says

    I've always been jealous of you and desired this life. Now it might become a reality as we might have to leave our country starting over somewhere else. I made a list of your items, I'll be the female version of you. 😂

  28. フィトリ says

    How to get the bag? What is the brand of the bag?

  29. Giovanni Luciano Severi says

    wait. u don't use pants?

  30. Gabriell says

    How tf I ended up here?

  31. Avoquado Fpv says

    your link says you have a drone and more camera gear! Where do those fit? They are always the toughest thing for me to pack

  32. TØBY PRØCTER says

    what about a towel and a water bottle ?

  33. I am a Gentleman says

    I just want to give you a tips , I would say A simle tipsTake 2 big suitcase & one bag packIt will worth your timeYou can trust me

  34. Baskets says

    Great !

  35. It's a Joke says

    JUST amazing! It is the goal of my life!

  36. Damon Vagabond says

    Love all your tips. I've been learning and traveling as a minimalist for the last 3 years. Love it. I'm trying to share the secret with the world of backpackers out there. Thanks.

  37. Joao Klein says

    I think this guy is full of it. I mean, how many times a week he does laundry? 3? Who could survive a year of that?

  38. Andrei Blaga says

    great share Jacob! I am in the-very-early-stages-of-thinking-about-leaving-everything-behind and travel heh thank you

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