1. Cem_44 says

    3:55 when u dip it in for the first time

  2. no further west says

    You gotta put some of those shots away. no closers. I guess it's not Premiere League so I shouldn't expect much.

  3. Tomas Martinez says

    Amigo menos enganche tienen los culiados estos corren para adelante nomas

  4. Isaiah Ewing says

    Dope vid but I’m from MD Lol

  5. Aleksandar R says

    Typical D1 soccer game, Too much physicality, without quality. They should do finishing more than lifting weights. But how to explain that to an American coach?

  6. GonzaloIM says

    Why do most americans looke like 12 year old europeans playing ??

  7. The Overconfident says

    Coach is too fucking soft,, talking to his team like U8 girls team is coached

  8. Joseph Collins says

    It’s cute they try x

  9. Why We Love Film says

    Does anyone else watch this and the Ole Miss Baseball Series? I don’t even go to either school but these videos are amazing…

  10. sully gildersleev says

    This is sad for soccer literally supposed to be one of the more exciting games and no ones there and they tie

  11. Diego Reyes says

    Come to Uruapan, Michoacan our amateurs are better than you Americans and Europeans together

  12. yassin mousa says

    Football in the US is so funny man ?⚽

  13. Andrew Michel Hutagalung says

    This is U 10 game in Serbia

  14. Kyvzy says

    The coach has to be Canadian ?

  15. Andrew Diaz says

    I am not going to Stanford

  16. Andrew Diaz says

    I am going to be the best soccer player for the UW

  17. migi 19 says

    The coach is soft

  18. byNajim says

    United States “soccer” is a joke

  19. byNajim says

    White people cant play soccer

  20. adhit menon says

    This coach was a simp for sureeeee

  21. PrinceMurk says

    I love the positive attitude

  22. Andrè Smith says

    Whoever that striker is. Needs to play the bench cuz that was an easy goal but instead he wanna try to juke the goalie

  23. CPTPuma 345 says

    Weak players man just cuz these guys get enrolled in soccer don't mean there all that good I've seen great players here in LA

  24. Will R says

    The player at 1:06 looks kinda like pulisic.

  25. b h says

    Americans playing the beautiful game I mean you gotta love it. Other than that coach tho 😀 kidding

  26. Squad Leader says

    American soccer sucks for realll

  27. jgenova48 says

    Does the coach understand tactics or anything. He just says everything will be alright like tell them what to do and get in there face. Kids prob fell asleep at half time. With a better coach they would be unstoppable

  28. Alistair Ford says

    Coach is doodooo

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