Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires – World Billionaires – HD 2020


Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires – World Billionaires – HD 2020

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  1. TradingCoachUK says

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  2. homie beaglePG says

    How about they earn as well, rather than bitching about someone's life style.

  3. Sahib Dyal says

    Nobody from middle-class becomes billionaire overnight.

  4. Carew Martin says

    18:23 Heidi has the body of an olympic athlete

  5. Shiv Sen says

    I am meger richer than anyone else.My wealth is eight trillion.My private plan is A380.

  6. Malthe Palte says

    Billionaires in this video: buying private jets,super yachts, super cars etc. Warren Buffett: Still eating mcdonalds and drinking a coca cola for breakfast

  7. kIng Carter says

    Nice ..

  8. Pearl Benson says මම මගේ ඇඳුම් ආයිත්තම් මම දඟලනවා බ්ලිමීමට නෙවිර්ට ඇඟිල්ලක් දැනුණා තස් මා ඩෙඩ් සහ මෙය දිගු ටියුනිල් වයිෆ් ලයිට් තයි එන්ට් වොට් එව්රිබොඩි ගෙට්ස් සී ඇන්ඩ් අයි මස් බොටිම්ට පහර දුන් නමුත් එවින්ට එය දැනුනේ නැත

  9. Karla Castro says

    Omg 40 euro to fill up a tank omg that's how much I need to pay of my car and credit cards ? and they use it on gas only I'm so jelly

  10. Brendan says

    These billionaires sound like 8 year old Persian kids talking about whose dad is stronger.

  11. junger Alterschwede says

    how many people in a poor country could be feeded how long for the costs of such an megajacht ? 50000 for a year ,more? I even think a billion could bring up a whole country

  12. Rocdastar says

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  13. Rocdastar says

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  14. Rocdastar says

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  15. Martina Ward says එල්එස්වී මනස මනස නෞකාව හොඳින් ධාවනය කළ හැකි හරයන් ආරම්භ කළේය

  16. W B says

    My plane has a swimming pool

  17. W B says

    Song at 2:05

  18. tuna is the fish says

    People need a serious reality check! being rich, famous and showing off is an extreme cry for help. These people have serious mental problems and this is not a healthy lifestyle. Wasting millions of dollars playing around well others suffer in extreme poverty is a deplorable Act. I do believe that if someone has put in the hard work and effort, they do deserve to have more than someone who has not. But come on people is it really sensible to burn up a million dollars on crap and gas while others suffer and die. Some people just get lucky I guess. I bet you some of these millionaires have put in just as much work as someone living in extreme poverty that was just born in the wrong place, or to the wrong family

  19. tuna is the fish says

    @28:49 . Complete and utter disregard for other human beings lives. Absolutely selfish and Despicable act by the rich.I don't care how rich or famous you are, if I were that pilot I would have lock the cockpit door and told them to deal with it.That rich asshole not wanting to be late for dinner cost innocent lives to never have a dinner with their family, EVER AGAIN!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!

  20. alecferguson says

    We should tax rich people and solve a bunch of societal problems. Looks like they can afford to help.

  21. Dexter M says

    If think money can’t buy happiness, then you don’t know where to shop.

  22. lemard mays says


  23. Sasha Gift says

    I'd like to join the madness of the ultra wealthy ???????

  24. Sasha Gift says

    My dream life. Can you imagine me watching this 4 years later and still WOW!! ???

  25. Lydia Massei says

    Do they all hunt and eat babies?The owner of her modeling agency. photographer. connection

  26. marcin rychlewski says

    Luxus się oswoił

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