How to recover gold from computer parts and other electronic devices


You have watched an edited version of our video “How to recover gold from computer parts and other electronic devices”. Gold recovery from computer parts and other electronic devices is not an easy task and can’t be done by only learning the formulas from chemistry & metallurgy books. It requires practical knowledge & perfection. Step-by-step proper guidance is required to get 24 carat pure gold and 100% recovery from computer parts and other electronic devices. We provide the whole process with all the necessary details in the full video which is 30 times lengthier than the edited one which you have watched. We will make you perfect & you will be definitely able to recover 24 carat pure gold from computer parts and other electronic devices.

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    i love the music

  2. D SHANMUGA Murthy says

    How fingers are collected and what chemicals used to extract gold from the fingers and how the gold dust is melted to make 24 carat pure gold?

  3. Thee BlueKing says


  4. xxsimpsxx9 says


  5. Bryce Robinson says

    what chemicals did u use or does it not matter

  6. edward starling says

    it said tap water in the beginning

  7. Angry Dergon says

    they were memory/ram hard disks.

  8. Serge says

    what parts were those that had the golden fingers?

  9. jorgen konini says

    what chemicals did u use for the golden fingers??
    and how did u make the gold dust??

  10. Srgthe says

    So how many tens of thousands of motherboards did you have to strip to get the gold fingers?

  11. Zafar Bissessur says

    what type of water do you used?

  12. jay_oh_e_to_the_c says

    Ebay sells tons of gold fingers as well as scrap computer pieces

  13. Icarus Didarus says

    maybe 50 RAM lol

  14. Hanbi Manbi says

    What is the name from this chemical ? 🙂

  15. Hanbi Manbi says

    Hey what is the name from this Chemical this video ? 🙂

  16. jbmaru says

    "Golden fingers separated from computer parts"??

  17. SevenFluffyKittens says

    How did I get here?

  18. Wei Huang says

    How much is that worth

  19. Jaden says

    Blue one, so think about it

  20. curemymind says

    Add tap water and chemicals…. Thats cool so what kind of chemicals?

  21. Touma Kamijou says

    oh nice, now ill collect all computer parts and i want to be a millionaire in a few week xD

  22. Daron Malakian says

    With all that you make a golden pancake? awesome.

  23. mike brooker says

    what are the chemicals

  24. SLASHDIPPIN714 says

    water & what chemicalz??…

  25. 0KnightElfMohawk0 says

    so wait what were the chemicals?

  26. Bootie Doo says

    its a good conductor and it doesn't deteriorate, thats why airbags are so expensive because they use gold wiring, and the chemical that causes the expansion of the airbag is a silver compound pretty sure its the same kind that they use in jet packs

  27. bob phelps says

    Thanks for the audio

  28. Joe Mk says

    One the Best conductors ,cause its low electrical resistance, strong metal & very good resistance to heat

  29. neqpown says

    Cause they get good money when they use it 😀

  30. Gustavo Leão says

    Because gold has some features that makes it interesting for electronics. For example, it has good conductivity and is resistant to oxidation.

  31. mynameismatt2010 says

    Gold is a very good electrical conductor, it's pretty much the second best conductor available at room temperature. Since computers need good conductors to work properly gold is used.

  32. 1988RanDom says

    Gold is a very good conductor.

  33. Luke Weber says

    It is a very good conductor and is the best metal to use for circuits. Almost all electronics have gold in them.

  34. Skeebled says

    that looks like quite a bit of gold, very nice

  35. darshil jesani says

    Cool i will become a millionaire in a week

  36. 1990Styx says


  37. LxTxSURGE says

    why do computer parts have gold???

  38. Victor Manuel Garcia Ramirez says


  39. Martino Cazzanti says


  40. HDXFH says

    wonder how much gold is in Smart meters

  41. umoclenad says


  42. MilMike says


  43. jess xander says


  44. jahshontie forbes says


  45. william philip says

    What chemical did you use.

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