How to jailbreak iOS 13.5 using Unc0ver jailbreak on iPhone


How to jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using Unc0ver jailbreak. unc0ver supports iOS 11.0 through to iOS 13.5 (Excluding 12.3-12.3.2 and 12.4.2-12.4.5)

Windows tutorial:

Jailbreaking is not recommended by Apple, and could present a security risk. Proceed at your own risk.

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Tested devices

iPhone 11 Pro Max 13.5
iPhone 11 Pro Max 13.3
iPhone 11 Pro 13.5
iPhone 11 13.5
iPhone 11 13.3.1
iPhone 11 13.3
iPhone 11 13.2 Beta 1
iPhone 11 13.2.2
iPhone XS Max 13.5
iPhone XS Max 13.3
iPhone XS Max 13.1 Beta 2
iPhone XS Max 12.4
iPhone XS 13.5
iPhone XS 12.4
iPhone XR 13.3
iPhone XR 12.2
iPhone X 13.5
iPhone X 13.4.1
iPhone X 12.0
iPhone SE (2020) 13.5
iPhone SE 12.1.1
iPhone SE 11.2.1
iPhone 8 Plus 13.5
iPhone 8 Plus 13.2.2
iPhone 8 Plus 12.3.2
iPhone 8 Plus 13.3.1
iPhone 8 13.5
iPhone 7 13.5
iPhone 7 13.1 Beta 1
iPhone 7 13.0 Beta 1
iPhone 7 12.0
iPhone 7 11.4
iPhone 7 11.0
iPhone 6S 12.4.1
iPod Touch 13.0 Beta 1
iPad 7th Gen 13.2
iPad Mini 5 13.4

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  1. Celular Info says

    ganho meu like e o meu comentario…top

  2. Rebecca B says

    Guys you need to keep mail open to get the altstore.

  3. RicksView_1 says

    Nice and simple tutorial Jeff. Does anyone know if this method will work with iOS 13.6?

  4. Alex G says

    Can you make a 13.5.1 update

  5. Idglã Reinhard says

    Sir, this is the only decent jailbreak tutorial I have seen in a long time. Congratulations for the amazing job and keep up the good work

  6. 1 subscriber lol says

    Who searched jailbreak roblox this came out lel

  7. KS-02 says

    I can remember my Apple ID, and my phone is connected with a lock. Iam not able to put a new Apple ID, can someone restore my phone to a new one through the IMEI number?

  8. Rafael Melo says

    Hey!!! I really miss you!!!!

  9. Inegrito Benito says

    i wanna hack soul knight

  10. Eveline says

    Help! On my iPhone 11 pro max, it says 0/31 Unsupported in Unc0ver. Can this be fixed?

  11. Jaden Foreman says

    It says “UnSupported” on the app. What do i do

  12. Andrei SO says

    I don't own any Apple products since 2014. Just came to see you install Cydia 🙃

  13. NathanDrake361 says

    could not find altserver ? what is this for a problem guys ? @9to5MAc

  14. Beverley Soar says

    santeria sublime

  15. Izuku Midorya says

    How safe for iPhone is this?

  16. Simar nanda says

    i work in ios 13.5.1

  17. hmne1 says

    this is jeff from idownloadblog in this video I'm going to talk about callbar tweak

  18. vibbinwidayanna says

    does this allow you to put it on a phone plan

  19. Rik Zuijlen says

    Is this safe to my school iPad? Lol

  20. Tyler paradis says

    my iphone 8plus 13.5.1 wont work

  21. Tyler paradis says

    when i hit the UO app it says Unsupported not Jailbreak any suggestions

  22. Lil Person says

    What if I don’t have a laptop

  23. Philip Johnson says

    This doesn’t work for me but WOOHACKZ at lG get my iPhone 11 Pro Max working again, he’s the best of best

  24. Mason Jones says

    After I installed cydia, my phone wouldn't connect to wifi and the toggle was greyed out completely. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  25. Mathew says

    I doesn’t say manage plugins on my Mac

  26. Aunlu _ says

    But can i get finder in Windows 10

  27. ashish pal singh says

    No its not workingwhen i download the software and after when i am going to open in altserver. it said unsupported

  28. MegaMylife Channel says

    I don’t have manage plug ins

  29. Big Chump24 says

    Which Cyrus tweak let’s you have free in app purchases?

  30. HAMDAN SIRAJ says

    it says the jailbreak is complete on my ios 13.5 and it reboots, but the cydia app is not there. can anyone help?

  31. naeema alkiyumi says

    Is there’s a way to install alstore directly to mu iPhone ?

  32. Dodie Bruce says

    All I want to do is figure out how to get carbridge??? Paid for several things and still nothing

  33. Bretley’s Film says

    Is this safe for my Mac?

  34. Nillian Pertes says

    If i jailbreak, will it only affect the device? Or also the other device connected to the apple id?

  35. Greg Chesson says

    Thank you for making a real video, not some fake crap where they make you dowloand app store apps

  36. Meech? says

    Will it still work if you have a windows computer

  37. Derek McCleary says

    Do you have to do this every time you restart your phone or it dies?

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