1. ツfade says

    Wait, is that guy noahsnoah?

  2. A2S says

    Who got this in their recommended??

  3. Memelous Man says

    Who still here tho

  4. Sai Krishna says

    Logan vs ksi football match ??

  5. KeanBean04 says

    this in anyone else's recommended or just me ?

  6. Dale Flows says

    What's the name of the song in the beginning?

  7. GamingMahir says

    umm who got this in their reccomended after 7 years?????

  8. David Smith says

    Who's the other guy?

  9. 1k subs with No content please help me I’m tired says

    Watching this again 7 years later ?(Don’t read my name)

  10. Casey Crofts says


  11. prionokordelios says

    7 years later and it's still funny

  12. The Walking Dumpling says

    0:13 I am dying ?

  13. nortfite_yoni says

    When the old KSI was more ripped than he is now

  14. damien mcguigan says

    Who else just casually watches ksi old videos

  15. The Galactic King says

    Why is this in my recommended this is so old I LOVE IT ❤️

  16. Top10 says

    Thank you it really helped me

  17. Jeff 123 says

    WHO’s Waching this in 2020

  18. nord kristal says


  19. doris _ says

    LOL dude you're so funny you should keep posting

  20. Lionel Messi says

    Who is still watching this ? In 23 July 2020

  21. Abel Tiersma says

    YouTube 2020 take this

  22. 1k before 2021 says

    Who else just got this in their recomended lol?

  23. Joel Embiid says

    u mean soccer

  24. Blinded II says

    This guy beat logan

  25. R66 cloaKzY says

    Who is watching this after ksi sex tape got leaked

  26. Kimi says

    Who else found this 7 years later on their recommended

  27. Eli Myers says

    who else got this in their recommended in 2020.

  28. Boah -_- says

    Thats soccer

  29. am blackxz says

    Why is this on my recommend

  30. Tucker the YouTuber says

    Instructions unclear, became nfl quarterback

  31. J36 Gaming says

    What is the music from when he scores?

  32. Machete says

    1:01 is that Kieran Tierney ?

  33. Barish Erbas says

    didn’t know jj had a six pack once before boxing

  34. Subscribing to everybody that Subs back says

    Hello guys if you see this READ MY NAME.

  35. The Time Stamp Legend says

    Did this pop up in anyone elses recommend ?

  36. IHATEWHITE says

    I wish this was a HowToBasic Video

  37. Xpo_legend says

    Me: click on a video Called how to be a better footballerYouTube: lemme give u a ad about Basketball ?

  38. Help Me Reach 1K Subscribers says

    Fun fact – you came here just to see old KSI

  39. KHALIFA TV says

    Yup JJ is 5’11 ft

  40. Bilobilo 23 says

    Who’s here after Ksi beat Jake Paul ? (I’m from the future)

  41. Zephrox says

    YouTube let’s recommend this 7 years later

  42. AlexAxelXcZion says

    The thumbnail looks like twomadI'm I being racist?

  43. Ryze iOS says

    Hi guys

  44. Ахмедхан Нурмахатов says

    This goalkeeper must have the Oskar for best acting

  45. Mackenzie Stevens says

    Bring back the old KSI??

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