1. Adnan Hassan says

    You tras?

  2. El Zurdito says

    1:50 Manny going for revenge ?

  3. Antonio Clown says

    I can’t believe this was 5 years ago

  4. Joe Kinney says

    i miss these videos

  5. GDF says

    in the thumbnail there is 2 harry’s i see what you done harold

  6. Gamer boy Pls 1k subs says

    #save Ethan

  7. Peter Clarke says

    Harry is in the backround in the thumbnail aswell

  8. Callum Robertson says

    You are in 2 places at once in the thumbnail

  9. Adnan Housia says

    mangekyo sharingan amaterasu

  10. Oske Man says

    Ive only seen newer videos so when i saw ethan i thought it was a guest or something beacause i did not know he was THAT FAT

  11. 500 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says


  12. Bro Squad says

    I like how Harry put the cut on his head in the picture

  13. valentine m. says

    0:46 I laughed so hard that I killed my mom!!!!

  14. Monksyy says

    Ethan: I can do this, I'm going to sprint nowJJ: not on my watch

  15. Dylan Hall says

    Oh the old feud between 2 of our favourites sidemen JJ and Ethan I miss those days

  16. JjgodgAmiNg What says

    Make sense

  17. JjgodgAmiNg What says

    No but you and your mon wentbon to jave your dad

  18. four aces says

    are you ok my gusse is no

  19. Tom Donnelly says


  20. Cursedsloth4785 says

    Throw back to fat Ethan lmao

  21. Quillan De Roo says

    Verry beat video

  22. Damon Bedtke says


  23. PNL Antonio says


  24. Juan Raamirez says

    How can my guy not run in a straight line

  25. Carnell Coleman says

    I may be nine but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight

  26. Carnell Coleman says

    Box me

  27. Carnell Coleman says

    As soon as I saw JJ I left this video

  28. Kiki Lala says

    Omg haha while run or die sorry did anybody see that i just saw a little ball fallling on hees face me: screaming

  29. Hama King says

    im dead bye???

  30. hagar_Games •GG• says

    Yaps know it's just then take off

  31. Tiernan Sloan07 says


  32. Red jelly james says


  33. I can Make supernudles says

    Hits different in quarantine

  34. Leilan Woodward says


  35. Nanzor says

    Fucking click bater you did it get hurt

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