1. Lazy Assassin says

    Studios were closed due to lockdown in India from March, and this is the main reason for bad graphics. So they had to show the Nintendo Switch Trailer. I hope that Ubisoft will fix it in the coming months and we will see a better version upon release.And by asking you people to buy it doesn't mean that I am forcing you. I am just saying that if you are going to play this game, then do it by purchasing the game. If you aren't sure that the game will be good or not, you can get a 100% refund within 2 hours of gameplay (on steam).

  2. Pradeep Sethi says

    The character models in the official cosplay guide are beautiful and look current gen, please take a look everyone. So I have hope for the final product. I genuinely want this game to succeed so we have more PoP. Complete reboot or remake of the entire SoT trilogy I'll take anything. It's also disappointing that currently Ubisoft is only focusing on its open world games or online games. They even forgot about Splinter Cell smh

  3. HR tube says

    review bangladeshi game..annihilation and zero hour

  4. tech gamerz says

    Bro 3000 rupees bhut jyada hai is game kee liye

  5. GAMER GUY 7426 says

    oh bhai indians game nahi bana rahay banai hoi game ko remaster kur raha jo story hay woh wahee hai toh yeh koi game nahi bana rahay game kai graphics achay kur rahay hai story same hai or jo game bani hai woh bani hai america mai india mai nahi lol

  6. Khushnam Kashif says

    Who is here after face reaveal

  7. Jai Ganesh.P says

    i will purchase because it is an indian game

  8. 6B 14 Kartik Kumar says

    Very bad game

  9. Hissikablevuku Do says

    And how can we forget upcoming FAU-G ??✔️✔️

  10. Ajay Saini says

    Story to same hai sayad itni popularity na mile🙄

  11. Unknown Person says

    Prince of Persia game banana band ho gayi thi per ab wo phir shuru ho gayi chalo accha hai kuch na hone se kuch to acha hai stop hating this game

  12. Life on Full Tank says

    I love it coz I used to play it when I was 5 in 2012

  13. Life on Full Tank says

    mine is fixed ill save my pocket money for this one

  14. TECH BD LABIB says


  15. Kamado Tanjiro says

    Why always raja type games.

  16. Onstreak Sid live says

    kon kon chahta hai ki game ki audio liye hindi ka option bhi ho 😍😎👌

  17. tabaro armano says

    Ubisoft : ok lets remake prince of PersiaIndian team : sir job already don .Ubisoft : i said Prince of Persia NOT Prince of Mumbai u asswhole.

  18. ALPHA BOSS says

    Bro yeh sirf ek copy haiYaha koi bada game nahi ban sakta

  19. Darkest Lights says

    Well this trailer is hated by 90% of POP fans. Don't disappoint man.

  20. Marvel Beats says

    Bro ye make remake h triple a title ka h phir bhi is game ke graphics ki visuality aur realistic effect itna kam kyu h

  21. Shashwat Tiwari says

    Main Ishe Kharid To Nahi Paunga Lekin Crack Bhi Download Nahi KArunga!!! <3 India

  22. ARYAN RAJPUT says

    Most of the people are talking about patriotism and some are comparing it with other AAA games…….Man if you had purchased any game previously then I think you should purchase this if you like it and those who never purchased any game(mostly students) they can do whatever they want…..Don't get pressurised by anyone…..I appreciate the game or anything which Indian made but ultimately it's upto the person….. don't abuse each other also for this topic

  23. Assasinated Gamer says

    Ha aur sabse faltu remake kiya, aisa remake to mod banane wale kar dete, faltu remake ek dam

  24. Jagdev Singh says

    It will be the first game I am going to purchase.

  25. Shaibaz Uddin says

    Plzz tell us how to download in android when it comes

  26. Raaj Kumar Singhania says

    Bro jhoot hai

  27. Ramanathan M says

    It's not made in India .It's is actually Mod in India.Your title is also misleading .It is not a newly developed PoP game ,just remastered and modded with Indian costumes for the characters along with Hindi audio and subtitles.BTW Farah's Indian outfit is cool 😉

  28. Tect Gaming says

    Bhai first mobile

  29. Tech Zishan says

    Bhai face revel kab kroge plzzzz btoo na??

  30. Rajat Baliyan says

    Agar graphics sahi honge to ye game pakka chalega

  31. Pavan G says

    WOW !!! Bro

  32. GOLDY on FIRE says

    Prince of persia se bhot yade judi h ..Hope ye game chle .. proud india me bna

  33. Shailendra Shrivastava says

    I will definitely buy the game

  34. Gagan Wadhwa says

    I love ubisoft ,ubisoft ne hamari puri zimdagi makhan kardi games lake jaise ac 4 rogue ac 3 farcry and watch dogs and prince of Persia etc

  35. ROHIT SHARMA says

    Mai toh preorder kr diya epic se



  37. The Harsh Arora says

    dont click this link – https://rb.gy/jpjc94

  38. hammad mughal says

    They just make a remake not a whole new game

  39. Chandana Debbarma says

    This isn't indian.

  40. Flexthetroller says

    ubisoft also made some games based on indian culture and language before butafter watching this video people will understand indian game designers are capable of making grat games but other indian game studios never think bigger than games like chotta bheem run etc

  41. Gamer khan says

    Ma dekh rah hau

  42. channel asai ki tasi gammer says

    Me re assasins mujhe lakta hai ki india bhi gta 5 jaisa game bana sakta hai like gta india

  43. Alex Mercer says

    Request to all my Indian brothers.Please buy this game properly by paying full price, don't download cracked or don't buy from somewhere where they give you a copy for cheap.

  44. Ravendra Yadav says

    I am a mobile gamer so I play on pop on cloud gaming apps

  45. anik khan says

    You talk to fast, its hard to follow, talk slowly

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