Explore – Turkey – Istanbul & Anatolia 3 of 4 – BBC Travel Documentary


Explore – Turkey – Istanbul & Anatolia 3 of 4 – BBC Travel Documentary, recorded 27.02.2011

Simon Reeve leads a team of journalists in a journey of discovery across Turkey. From the stunning mosques of Istanbul to the ‘fairy chimneys’ of Cappadocia and the forests of the Black Sea coast, Turkey is country of rich history and amazing landscapes. It is also a divided country where the pro-islamic government seems locked in conflict with the traditionally secular establishment, including the army, and where an armed conflict rumbles on with elements of the Kurdish minority in the South East.


  1. bopha says

    0:15 I KNOW HER. SHE WAS SO STUPID AND ARROGANT! SHE CONSTANTLY TRIED TO "TOUCHÉ" THE OLDEST, WISEST PROFESSOR OF OUR MAJOR BY SAYING "kemal in spanish means 'how awful' sir your name is awful like you" OR "god tells us not to think about him because we can't understand. since then I never thought" AND THE PROF SAID "you don't use your brain because god doesn't want you to? interesting" AND EVERYONE LAUGHED. MAN, SHE WAS RIDICULOUS. THE COULDN'T GRADUATE BECAUSE HER GRADES WERE BAD. SHE WAS DUMB AF WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??

  2. UltrAslan Ataturk says

    As a secular turk… All Islamist should be hanged

  3. Virginia Wolf says

    No doubt!!!!

  4. RangerDanger says

    Thumbs up to the guy who puts up his hives on top of a made up panel. How can others not follow him and will instead choose to exterminate another living being? They are bears…they just follow their instincts, they go where the food is. Since humans have higher understanding which we call intelligence, we should be the ones adapting.

  5. Amanda Tyler says

    Mad props to that guy who put his bees up on a platform. While other beekeepers are losing honey and snapping up their guns, he's like "PROBLEM SOLVED."

  6. Selcukb006 says

    it doesnt matter anny more turkey is now a better country and a moderncountry maybe not all over turkey but R.T. Erdogan is working on it in all over the world and te economy is beter than USA and EUROPE its a fact

  7. Leunetté says

    Turkey is a secular country and secularism gives the freedoom and democracy to the country. Secularism is one of the fundemantals of the republic. See the muslim countries as iran etc. they are still living in the middle ages. Those covered turkish women that could no understand that secularism provides them education! Even this documentary! BBC! As an istanbulian, there is only one place that covered people lives dominantly in istanbul and documentary took that place!

  8. Guzel Kibris says

    First Green Project started muslim countries against Soviet Union by CIA.
    Turkey started when military junta take the power.Now America see Islamist coming denger for West, they have new poject Sunnis against Shias.America
    and West Manipulate all muslim countries 100s of years now but we are still sleep?

  9. 3ng1n3St4rt says


  10. Zynismus Sarkasmus says

    Dabwi FTW!

  11. Zynismus Sarkasmus says

    Bears FTW!

  12. Unal Sengun says

    this is all misguiding. ask me the motives of all those peculiar behaviours..

  13. hotd0gheaven says

    1:30 – "Turkey is holding her back and not giving her the education she deserves" – BULLSHITT! She can study and work where she wants as long as she wears the wig!

  14. mehmet çağlayan says

    of small to show all the work forces

  15. mehmet çağlayan says


  16. Engin Düz says

    Ne yapmış bunlar böyle ya sinir oldum gece gece! Bu mu yani Türkiye :@

  17. Sam Hill says

    im sorry, she is not freethinking, she believes everything a book written thousands of years ago tells her with no proof… that's the opposite of free thinking, up the secularists!

  18. ivandivandakor says

    fuck you BBC.

  19. yarbas89 says

    @Mi6Bagpuss "son 5 sene" dedi. onbes degil =)

  20. yarbas89 says

    @Mi6Bagpuss gravely mistaken. Turkey has a respectable defence industry and they can build their own weapons and fighting vehicles. Check facts before commenting please.

  21. MrMets80 says

    To deny women the right to an education because of what they wear is very backward and undemocratic. Its ironic that the west blames the Talian for not allowing women to study when here we see fundamentalistic secularists banning women from education. This is so silly. All people have a right to an education-irrespective of who they are, what faith they have, and what colour they are.

  22. attila23 says

    @Mi6Bagpuss son bes yildir diyor kardesim. dikkatli dinle. 🙂

  23. Mi6Bagpuss says

    A devastating conflict that is supported and fuelled with American/Anglo money and weaponry. We pour fuel on the fire so that we earn money from the weapons that they require. This is the reality – if you're going to report on this topic, let's have the real facts!

  24. Mi6Bagpuss says

    He said 15 years not 5 years… it's not difficult BBC… Translate or don't just don't lie… grrr

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