1. musicluv80 says

    How does that sofa turn into bed? Where do they put the sofa pillows?

  2. Mayra says

    I wish crew cabins gave them a room at least more spacey like staterooms and maybe even a window they deserve it.

  3. Barry Johnson says

    What is the weight lot on the upper berth.

  4. American Girls says

    I am going on one in a few days

  5. Jonathan Foster says

    Does anyone else see the theree sixs on the door creepy

  6. Apple Jack says

    I am going on this ship in October with a Disney Family Ocean View Stateroom With Veranda!!! SOOO EXCITED! CANNOT WAIT

  7. Callie Pennington says

    not december i meant last september um

  8. Callie Pennington says

    disney cruises are perfection AH. we've been on three and we went on the fantasy this december it was just amazing omg

  9. Chelsea Cooley says

    I'm going on a Disney cruise next month.

  10. Kitty Rose LaRue says

    My family wants to go on a Disney Cruise soooo bad. One day we will

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