Dinosaurs Racing Play all 9 Mach Full


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Speed and power of dinosaurs Can compete at the field “Dinosaur Racing” Any dinosaur will have the power to speed through the desert field, mountain racetrack, water racetrack.
Winners have accumulated points and finalists into the field of strength and quickly become “The Winner” of the field”Dinosaur Racing”Great

Let’s see how strong each group is.

  1. Mabanta Carlos says

    Dinosaur 🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕

  2. Nazwa Hidayat says


  3. Nitin Jacob says




  5. Deepak Narwal says

    Tyrannosaurus is the best dinosaur

  6. Beth Pagaduan says


  7. スペースシップおかん says


  8. goho nugroho says

    36:38 F you!! kong!!!!

  9. goho nugroho says

    ugh i hate king kong🙄 if what happens if they both win?

  10. goho nugroho says

    hey look rex is helping giga😁

  11. goho nugroho says

    31:23 giga looks like ultimasaurus😐

  12. Bethor ɢᴀᴍᴇꜱʏᴛ says


  13. JNZ SQAUD Johnwood says

    I feel bad for the triceratops

  14. Домашний Планшет says

    Хочу, чтобы новые серии были с музыкой

  15. Mavish Mary says

    Hello Punk

  16. Ice Cube says

    This is so nostalgic

  17. Sarat Talukdar says


  18. danyal farooq says

    T rex is the king of the dinosaurs

  19. Lourdes Nicer says


  20. Siren GamingYt says

    So sad giganitosaurus died

  21. соник , says

    L love spinosaurs and nodosaurs

  22. Taksh Malik says

    Thankyou every body

  23. Priyang Srivastava says

    Allosaurus Noooooo

  24. Elodia Mansilla says

    sienpre debe ganar el t rex

  25. Dinossauros de Brinquedo e vídeos normal says

    Wim Triceratops

  26. Tippwan Jankeaw says


  27. Simone Bottger says

    I still watch this over and over because it's so cool

  28. 김리하팬 says

    Why spino is 3star carno 2star tirano is 1star but why carno vs tirano vs stego vs ankilo? It’s not fair

  29. Jellyn Camille Roque says

    Oa yy


    Well who didn't expect t-rex to win ? Pong , for your future videos never let t-rex win . It will be boring if she wins .

  31. Lalitporn Theerawatthanaset says

  32. 최찬규 says


  33. Michael William says

    Mirip nenek

  34. Michael William says

    Game apa itu

  35. Shibli Khan says

    T-Rex wins

  36. ramesh shukla says

    Fight me t-rex win karta haiRace ho to bhi T-rex hi win karta hai Jo bhi ho race bahut mast thi

  37. Md Jwel says

    আমি ডায়নোসর কার্টুন চেয়েছি

  38. Nishat Tarannum says

    How can a carnotouras become bigger than a t-rex.😂

  39. Saiyad Kamrudin says


  40. Samuel G. Trejo says

    Cuál es la canción o song

  41. Farhan Awaludin says


  42. Zahin the malaya says

    How dinosaur can drift -_-

  43. Valeria Anzoino says

    Can you make the the spinosaurus win

  44. Valeria Anzoino says

    Spinosaurus is the best and please make more videos

  45. story pedia says

    SARCOSACHUS racing

  46. Jay Pastor says

    Uh gekko

  47. Jay Pastor says

    Idk if the rex is on fire

  48. Qays Haidar says

    jelek. lu

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