1. sujith Surya says

    Sir iam sujith i used degoo from 2017 but suddenly it updated i loss my storages kindly reply me I need backup pls please

  2. Akarsh S says

    I lost all my uploaded files. When i try to login using old account i accidentally click on sign up insted of login and now i cant get back any of my documents

  3. Abdul Ajeej Shaik says

    Help plese my recover my account

  4. Abdul Ajeej Shaik says

    My account is not opened i have number of memories in deegoo

  5. Tevin Aponsu says

    Cant you store apps?

  6. Kodapa Pp says

    My files are deleted automatically…… Can I get them back

  7. Tarun Pareek says


  8. Marilus Vazquez says

    Pls help I buy something I did not ment to can you unfund it m not to sure if I did or not

  9. Fitzgerald Eduardo Casapía Cabrera says


  10. LocalPulsar H. says

    Where are your servers located?

  11. StoneWell Forever says

    Does it work??? is it worth using?? gonna use if for music and movies 🙂 I would really appreciate your replies

  12. RZPlayZ67 says

    can i back up my games

  13. aquapower02 says

    Deego, you deleted all my files after “two months of inactivity,” even though that is totally untrue! Could you please give me my data back? It is really important to me!~

  14. Santosh Harijan says

    Mera data gayab ho gaya sab kuch nahi dikha raha hai help me

  15. RAJU R K B says

    Data no aa rha

  16. vishnu bhardwaj says

    If android app uninstall what's happenedAll file are delete from server or not

  17. Jonatan Damian says

    https://cloud.degoo.com/drive-6qnvorywgre43gb gratis

  18. Meitnerium9818 says

    So will this reduce the space taken up on my android? Because I have only 4.98 gigabytes of storage and an SD card which has 14 gigabytes, but I can't get certain apps or files on my sd

  19. Slyfer ✅ says

    https://cloud.degoo.com/drive-31r84fkvyejr Making an account using this link will give you 50 GB more space while it gives me 10 GB. Not bad it's a win-win situation.

  20. ridtzshawn rid says

    I love this

  21. Ali khan says


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