Dance Moms: Abby ROASTS the Moms' Fashion (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime


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Abby is unimpressed with the moms’ fashion sense in this extended scene from Season 8, Episode 14, “The Return of Studio 19.” #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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  1. Lifetime says

    Love Dance Moms? Catch up on full episodes on and the Lifetime app!

  2. Katie Malone says


  3. Leah - says

    Honestly it is hard to roast Ashley she has great style

  4. Famke Kalalo says

    Omygashhh nooo Abby should not say sum cuz all the moms where better chlotes then she ever will

  5. Kingsley Onyali says

    When Hannah said don't be shy at the end I thought of James charles.Don't be shy put some more. LMAOOO!!!😂

  6. Eva-Róse Thornton says

    Hannah at the end: dont be shyme: PuT s0mE mOrE💀

  7. Life with Abby says

    Michel dresses like Rosa Diaz from b99

  8. Safiya says


  9. Anabanana says

    Lollll I’m so glad I found this

  10. vivienne morgan says

    it's abby roast time

  11. Babette Caldwell says

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that they reused the same Abby quote she used in episode 2 at 2:09

  12. Ashritha Tekuri says


  13. Sissy Lopez says

    2:59 “sToP eAtInG tHaTs wHy YoUr fAt”🤣🤣🤣👏🏽

  14. ptyborn says

    Abby forgot when all she did was wear neon color accessories and big hair.

  15. Sloan Walker-ailey says

    This just goes to show that the main reason that Michelle and Sarah had a bad time the entire season was because of the moms, not Abby.

  16. Kelly Guillen says

    why is abby so mean

  17. ALDC Sherbet says

    Ok well Abby wears a shirt with her name on it every dau

  18. m.m6783 says

    She came for them….lol

  19. Leah - says

    Ashley’s outfits are so cute she dresses so young

  20. supa lonely says

    my respect for abby : 📈📈📈📈

  21. Despina Shnouda says

    Abby: waits for Patricia to fall. She falls breaks her face and dies Abby: illl adopt Brady

  22. Yasmin Hiranandani says

    Abby wears fake stuff 24/7

  23. naan playz says

    Abby demolished the mothers. If someone said this to me, I would have cried for three days straight 😂😂😂

  24. jade ac says

    brady is a loser

  25. S P says

    Ahhh I miss Abby!!!

  26. Macy Donegan says


  27. Raya Boicey says

    That outro, Hannah!! ❤️👏🏻❤️

  28. Susan Wilson says

    Ashley: “It looks like a jellyfish” 😭😂

  29. kawmmi kolmamlkn says

    Dana budeanu esti nebun

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