Call of Duty®: Mobile – Season 6 Theme Music Behind the Scenes


Once Upon a Time in Rust released in early May and immediately made an impression with a strong wild west themed that can be heard in the main menu of the Call of Duty: Mobile. The music you see here was recorded in the world-famous Studio 22 of Budapest Scoring. Enjoy!

Find that all in-game now and with more to come soon in June! Download now and play for free –

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  1. Ariel Perez says

    I need the behind scenes for the Christmas version

  2. Aceship says

    I will never ever forget this

  3. iAmAZN says

    I feel nostalgic now

  4. Tarun Kota says

    This was unexpected

  5. alorani basak says

    Best game in the world

  6. Tejas Kondgekar says

    This game was magic in mobile gaming

  7. Kiki Lala says

    Rip codm


    ?? Only CALL OF DUTY ??

  9. Faaris Shaukat Ali says


  10. Sujith says

    Codm is not a game it's a feeling it's a emotion it's something different from a game

  11. KSheV says

    Тот самый русский коммент…

  12. fatimah. says

    am missing this theme 🙁

  13. Abtahi Arin says


  14. Dr. Azard says

    Need this theme back!

  15. iRon Fist says

    One of the best singe and one of the best season of all time..

  16. K K says


  17. Alan Ismael Toledano Serrano says

    free fire are dislike

  18. Raylson Rodriguez says

    Esse é um dos melhores temas do jogo eu adorei. IloveyouCODM

  19. Anand P says

    Best season in call of duty mobile, everything was so good in it.Already missing it

  20. Anand P says

    Chills literally chills … woooohhhhh .

  21. Aymen Salhy says

    It was good days ??

  22. Mexican00 Codm says

    Codm how did you make the battle royal win theme song

  23. GameWalkthroughs says

    Who is here in Season 20??

  24. SHOTGUN says

    The final part of the song gives me goosebumps every time that i hear it……just epic. Superb job call of duty and this band, really superb

  25. Jose Francisco Bautista Bellido says

    1:53 epic

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