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  2. Dmytro Danchenko says

    Willing to know more about Barcelona? Book Barcelona Smart City Tour and/or Barcelona Design Circuit: http://www.innjoy.eu

  3. Mr NixxxoN says

    Siesta is a myth, please stop repeating this. It's fake news.Maybe in southern spain still exists to some degree, but in Barcelona/Catalonia? Nope. We have dinner late but its not because of siesta or any particular reason, its just our culture, we just do it like that.

  4. Erna Wati says

    Torremolinos bus driver cheater ungenuine by giving less the change. Full corrupt. Let the illegals imitation sellers along the beach and bothering the tourists. Like conspiration with the aurhorities. The same with carton box jackpot playing in Benidorm.

  5. bingboyify says

    its really great content but i wish there were more footage on the city rather than the host..

  6. LeGo says

    CBOis for chicken bacon onion

  7. Tudur Morgan says

    Catalonian isn't a word. Catalan.

  8. steve jessemey says

    Superb video buddy, extremely informative. Thank you so much. I will be going to Barcelona in July. ???

  9. Hermenegildo C says

    40 EUR for the taxi? It should cost no more than 20 EUR

  10. Valentine Jules says

    December 26 1991

  11. Lorenzo Segatta says

    If someone wants to be a travel guide must study and must be open mind.Thank you for your support too.Olèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèè

  12. Goats On The Road says

    Super useful video but I can’t believe it:“Best food city in Europe” “We only have a short time in Barcelona”Then wastes a meal in McDonald’s and actually promotes it to people online. You lost a like and a potential subscriber in me. Otherwise a great video man! Such a shameTravel isn’t about visiting McDonald’s… onions and doughnuts were the only other meals mentioned. There are up and coming restaurants that would’ve loved this spotlight time you gave. Instead it’s given to a multinational conglomerate at the head of an obesity crisis that needs no more promotion. Seriously well done otherwise. Too bad.

  13. Valentine Jules says

    Alex Hunter Valentine my fiance over there I think show her some nice hotels for our honeymoon

  14. slaff 44 says

    Barcelona is not a paradise…

  15. tim knowles says

    now you can pay for taxis with plastic.

  16. jacksoncrate says

    Fuckdonalds????? And if any one tries to rob me its their fucking life

  17. Marsh Man says

    little less of your head and a little more of the city would be great

  18. João Dias says

    Best food city in Europe!? ????? M8 head to Lisbon

  19. Carlos Portillo says

    Barcelona spain it is the best


    MESSI ♥️?

  21. darren motise says

    You lost me at McDonalds. Adios. Can't trust any palate or human being that says Micky D's is awesome. Wow. Just wow.

  22. Winnie YY C-Fox says

    Thank you very much for the tip!

  23. Jose Ferreiro says

    I'm traveling to Barcelona in January 2020 thanks for the video pretty informative and helpful. I have a question what kind of watch do you wear?

  24. Gess Healey says

    Thanks, that was helpful. It would be helpful to let folks know they should have tickets (online/printed?) for Sagrada, Park Güelle, Monserrat, etc. We bought our yesterday @ home (NM/USA) for next week!

  25. TravelClast says

    Wow man .. 600k views … impressive… and even got Micky D's in there … comprehensive!

  26. Adil Hasanović says

    pick-pockets are real If you stay more than a day you will have stuff stolen doesn't matter if it's tied down locked or in your pants when you get to your hotel you will probably have something missing I would 100% recommend if visiting barcelona to try not to use trains as your main form of transport And try to avoid la rambla it's expensive and you will be pick pocketed

  27. Mikhail Baum says

    Please, stop going to McDonalds! It's 21 century. We need reviews about healthy food.

  28. Parrot Brand says

    Barcelona subway is like a sauna from June to October. I think Europe needs to use air-conditioning since global climate has already been seriously messed up. Soon there won't be a winter.One thing i like about Barcelona is that despite the crowds of tourists, the Catalan people are still friendly and polite to foreigners. Another thing I like is they have big supermarkets downtown in the city. Their museums are underrated but cheap and good.

  29. Josef Richter says

    Dude I know it’s just fun, but going to anywhere in Catalonia to eat a bag of Doritos is just disgusting 😀

  30. Silvia Nikolova says

    you are in Barcelona and you get McDonalds.. wow

  31. Samy Jersi says

    you're the best

  32. Indy Cyclist says

    Alex, just got back from Barcelona and I can easily see why this is a Food City. In fact while I did have some Spanish food including one of the few good tapas places (most "tapas" are just a mishmash of meals in smaller portions, or tourist restaurants), my favorite food experiences were things I didn't even think I'd get in Barcelona. I had great Japanese food. I had great pizza. I had great baked goods. Oh my god, baked goods are so good in Barcelona!Also I love Barcelona bars. Not only are they everywhere, but many are open for breakfast so you can get an espresso and your morning pastry or whatever.Finally, espresso! It is everywhere! This is a city that LOVES its coffee. Espresso machines are everywhere in this city. One of the shop owners told me that espresso machines are given for free but then you have to buy the beans through that vendor only. So this means even places that normally wouldn't serve coffee serve coffee.T-10 ticket for transit. Holy hell this is such a solid transit system. Bus and metro is awesome. Tram is kind of out of the way but I guess is okay once you're in the area.Credit card usage was no problem everywhere, including transit.

  33. Mastercammatt says

    Great video, enjoyed it.

  34. sygabz says


  35. Treavor Union says

    Where do you get the tickets? All of the videos about transportation in Barca forget that.

  36. Mercedita Perez says

    Where is the best place to stay in Barcelona?

  37. Mercedita Perez says

    My family is going to Barcelona this December. I find your video very helpful. Thank you.

  38. Bader Alaraimi says

    Here we go Barcelona ?

  39. True North says

    Love it! PLease do an update on Bareclona – I friggin LOVE that city! PleasePleasePlease Pleeeeease!

  40. Lisa Moresco says

    McDonalds? UGH

  41. Lisa Moresco says


  42. ferran marcet says

    My tip for barna is do the local stuff, go to the old places where there is no tourists and just discover the strange parts of the city, get lost and just talk to people, go to the beach at night, full adventure mode, people is good and they are gonna help you, even if you are drunk.

  43. ferran marcet says

    My friend in Barcelona: "Why are taxis bees?"

  44. Armando Problemas says

    No UBER in Barcelona? LAME. I got it in my 3rd world country and they're everywhere and it's not expensive either.

  45. Durgys A Ramirez says

    The Dorito Part, the Looong Fried Green Onion that looks like a penis putting it in your mouth, and the McDonald's parts were MY FAVORITE. I couldn't Stop Laughing.

  46. Durgys A Ramirez says

    I'm So Glad that I watched this video.

  47. Omar Shaaban says

    "Tokyo. I mean, if I had to die mid-meal anywhere, it would be Tokyo. If you were to ask most chefs if they had to have house arrest for the rest of their life in one city and eat all of their meals there, just about everyone I know would pick Tokyo." – Anthony Bourdain

  48. Silviu Raulio says

    He actually looks like he's disgusted about that tapas :))

  49. Ed Kirstein says

    Thanks, good info, fast delivery

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