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Atlanta – Come and explore this Georgian city amid the endless trees. Follow us through the best of the city and kickstart your travel inspiration!

When ready, browse vacation packages to Atlanta:

When you venture into the lush foliage that engulfs much of #Atlanta and frames its many skyscrapers, you’ll immediately understand why it’s referred to as “The City in a Forest.”

An Atlanta #vacation must include the Atlanta History Center. Learn about the city’s roots as a railway terminal, as well as its role in the Civil War, when it was nearly burned to the ground.

Stop by the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site to learn about the Civil Rights leader, and pay your respects at his final resting place. From there, your Atlanta #sightseeing should continue at the Georgia Aquarium, where you can see some beluga whales and whale-sharks, and meet sealife in the touch tanks.

Cap off a beautiful day with a trip to Stone Mountain Park. If you take the Summit Skyride, you’ll get an outstanding view of the city.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Marquis Monroe says

    I lived 10 mins away from 5 points it’s so much fun

  2. Amanda Cousins says

    my aunt and uncle live in a rural town 100 miles from here,in plains

  3. Vulpes Inculta says

    Too many blacks

  4. H C says

    What a cool city. I want to go there.

  5. Haresh Chatlani says

    I love atl g a a lot lot great place I was in atl ga 1993,p m a show and car show, great place to enjoy

  6. Haresh Chatlani says

    Great place to enjoy I was their in 1993in PMA show great place year 1993,

  7. Suzany Pacheco Batista says

    Very good!?

  8. asteroids says

    bruh i live in atlanta and never heard anyone call it city within a forest

  9. Miao Wang says

    Lived there two years. I can't disconnect with the city any more

  10. frawldog says

    Love atlanta

  11. Emma Carmichael says

    You forgot to mention the sets of The Vampire Diaries in nearby Covington.

  12. Joshua Sampson says

    Dang I wish I lived in Georgia

  13. Andreas Ringel says

    Innerhalb der letzten 10 Jahre, war ich in 25 Bundesstaaten der USA, habe hunderte Fotos von den Städten gemacht, great.

  14. Ryan Flanagan says


  15. Max Kukurudza says

    Hello people!My homework based on this video. I need to find out the examples of American English Pronunciation here. I'm neither American nor Britain, It is quite difficult to understand your pronunciation. Who can help me, please?

  16. Black&White says

    Atlanta sunset

  17. Ian Burke says

    I went to Atlanta when I got my AA. Loved the aquarium and the college football hall of fame.

  18. sflabred says

    FernBANK not Fernbird Museum

  19. Catherine Wambui says


  20. Hlomla Njaza says

    I wanna live in Atlanta because I wanna meet the McClure family and also it is pretty

  21. Zulfadli Zainol says

    what is the best month to see autumn in Atlanta exactly like in this video?

  22. Teresa Davis says

    Ok. Another local chiming in. 1. Do not come here and complain about the traffic. 2. The zoo if full and no longer allowing entrance usually about 15 minutes after opening each day so be prepared with option b. 3. Stone Mntn is really just a rock but do not take the train… u got to hike that !@#$. 4. Do not come here looking for Gone with the Wind or wanting to see some Antebellum mansion b/c THIS IS NOT MISSISSIPPI and GWTW was fiction. 5. Anything around the world of coke is built by us for all of tourists. The Aquarium is freaking great though. 6. The Fox Theater is a local joy for us all. It was on the chopping block many times and for a long long time. We, Atlantans, saved it and work hard to keep it functioning. 7. Little 5 Points is edgy and awesome but probably not where visiting tourist would want to go. 8. We are ALL very honored and proud of having the largest affluent (middle class and above) community of African Americans in the whole nation. 9. The varsity is cheap and great but be careful! It can kill you. and 10!!! DON'T COME HERE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT !@#%%@# TRAFFIC LIKE WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW~~~~

  23. bestava says

    Ugh wish I lived I USA

  24. KVEEZY says

    Stone Mountain

  25. Sasha Santos says

    Make sure to check out Noahs ark in Locust Grove..It’s free and it’s amazing and it supports animals great for all ages

  26. MarieBeauty Life says

    Wish to visit this place

  27. Christine Lozada says

    I loved visiting Atlanta! I did a solo trip here for 30 hours and the aquarium really IS awesome. Here's my travel vlog

  28. Ash Darkness says

    I remember in kindergarten I went to the Georgia aquarium as my first field trip.I will never forget it and in 5th grade after years of not seeing Atlanta which in this case I was born in which makes me really proud,I went to Coca Cola world and when we got off the bus and waited in the big field and saw the big buildings I felt like I was back at childhood…Im moving to Atlanta when I’m fully grown up.ill see you soon Atlanta…soon…

  29. Yorick Black says

    Great video. I'm brazilian. I am planing to travel to Atlanta and New Orleans.

  30. Keith Miller says

    I was born here

  31. Bronson Do says


  32. Kelleymarie Jones says

    Lovely place to visit, how is it as far as natural disasters and such?

  33. Fritz Acceus says

    America ?????

  34. suga-free jam says

    Here from gone with the Wind hehhe

  35. Wiktoriatoziomal says

    My dream is to live in Atlanta❤️ beautiful place

  36. Tammy Cao says

    Been to Atlanta.

  37. Vijay Kumar Dilor says

    Avengers is shot here again and again. Like Endgame's first scene..

  38. MrYeodaddy says

    Any locals have suggestions on spots to visit and places to eat for someone visiting?

  39. Fredrick Odhiambo says

    Young Thug

  40. Tyler Ruhe says

    Please do Charleston SC and Savannah GA next they're 2 beautiful cities to visit.

  41. Hello Digital says

  42. Lenke Anna van den Berg says

    I'm considering an internship in Atlanta, but I don't have a car. It is possible to get around by bus or train? Such a large city probably doesn't have a lot of things at walking-distance…

  43. Nick Lounsbury says

    I feel like Atlanta is overlooked too much. However it could just be that the city grew really fast recently and people haven't yet realized how good a city it is

  44. GabiN64 says

    wow atlanta is beautiful. who would have thought


    I was born in Atlanta GA September 6 1996

  46. Maximum Joy says

    Where is the lookout point at the start?

  47. amour.a says

    Atl is even more beautiful at night

  48. Defense General says

    Chocolate city

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