Anthem News | Release Delayed Until 2019, Development Concerns, Live Game Support & Flying Mechanics


Anthem Game News Update – Now Targeting 2019 Release Date According to Kotaku, Development Concerns, Live Game Content, Flying Skills / Mechanic Details & More!
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– Kotaku Article

– Gamespot Bioware Update

– Game Rant Anthem Coverage

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  1. xHOUNDISHx says

    I hope you guys enjoyed the update! I'm disappointed that we won't get the game this year but I'd rather they have the time to HOPEFULLY get things right. The Kotaku Article is in the description, I wanted to keep to the news side of things but its definitely worth a read. Lots of interesting details. Thanks for watching and let me know what you guys think 🙂

  2. LLG says

    This looks like it will be a cool game dident find about until a week ago

  3. MrDEMarq says

    I'm calling it now, E.A. told them to rip out all the micro transactions…lol

  4. my father left me says

    Hey houndish will you be playing Monster Hunter World? It's out today, bro!

  5. Timothy J says

    Anthem update!!Also it’s awesome to hear that you will be covering Anthem!

  6. Zageri says

    but will this game be rated T?

  7. Sirius 26 says

    Gonna be a long wait, hope they make it worth it

  8. Snake6250 says

    Your videos are so informative. They’re easy to digest and get straight to the point. Whenever I see Red Khackis upload a video I immediately come here first because I know your video will be 20 times shorter and give me the same amount of information. Keep up the amazing work and have an amazing day.

  9. dannyboy1121x says

    🐜👍 …. geddit? Ant – thumb? No?

  10. brett keegan says

    There probably delaying it to romo e some of the loot box system and then putting that loot into the game as rewards shit I hope so. It looks good I just hope it is, it's good that they really want to get it right and I'd rather have a delay and get a complete game for a change instead of the betas we have been getting. It actually sounds like greed isn't the priority. So a game to actually look forward to yes

  11. Steve L says

    Glad you're branching out into other games

  12. J P says

    Great video; informative like always. : ) A delay would be great. I am an ongoing fan of Destiny and I would like to see how it's development unfolds during the rest of the year. At the same time, I am highly curious to see what Anthem has to offer to our gaming community. Expanding the release time will hopefully result in well developed games that deliver a better gaming experience in both Destiny and Anthem. I pray they make it hard for me to choose.

  13. Leon Westbrook says

    You always got me dancing at the end of your videos 🕺

  14. Joe Schmoe says

    I am so afraid that the 1 year 2 month hype train for this game will make it impossible for it to blow us away. I really hope I am wrong. Also, really glad you started covering this game. Keep it going man!!!

  15. Joe Bee says

    Great vid houndish bro always delivering the news whether good or bad. Personally I like the look of anthem its like the division and destiny had a baby and if it takes another year for them to get things right then I think they should do it

  16. Drakan says

    F** they are delaying it

  17. HalpoCoren says

    Please Bioware don't pull a Bungie

  18. Rebel Jakku says

    A delay can be taken as either a huge red flag or a company really wanting to get things right instead of rushing it out.

  19. S_P_A_R_T_A_N says

    Least this is being developed properly over years and not months , looking at you destiny 2 lol

  20. nate joe says

    It's better everything if you explore

  21. nate joe says

    I love expiration find better weapons better lute

  22. nate joe says

    If they supported in 10 years you know you know it's going to be a lot of content coming

  23. nate joe says

    I needed that they was going to try to support it for a while I don't really care about the microtransactions because I don't pay for this stuff anyways and if I can't get it I don't worry about it I just like a lot of content in games like this and if there wasn't supported for 10 years I'm all on board this really seems like it's going to be worth my money

  24. nate joe says

    But I do understand I would rather wait then I have a buggy game

  25. nate joe says

    I knew it was going to get pushed back to 2019 I told my clan members I knew it was I hit it right on the nose I'm usually never right about that stuff damn it and I wanted that game this year

  26. wadlde says


  27. robin alexander says

    Yeah, miffed we cant play this year, but if it provides a better complete game…. I can wait!!!

  28. Jim Of LH says

    Probably cutting the story to sell it as dlc

  29. Mortal God says

    That is what true developers do…push back the game as far as they can and make it great.The exact opposite of Bungie…these fools thought that they are smarter than their customers and got burned.I have high hopes for Anthem and these news make me happy cause it shows the devs care about their game.

  30. Habertod says

    lol, the devs know how bad there mtx are, so there rework there entire progressin system. xDfuck this greedy cunts, dont by anthem, it will be a shitshow linke destiny 2!

  31. Zachary Manning says

    Houndish you've succeeded in making me a very sad human being despite their decision not being your fault whatsoever lol. God that really sucks. Another year of hearing about bungie fucking up destiny and going bankrupt lol

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