animal crossing tik tok memes i requested from k.k. slider


what’s your favorite kk slider song?
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  1. Andrew Dunn says

    I got Raymond I wish I had him

  2. Alexandra Byma says

    I paused at 4:35 and got Tammy. I have Tammy. She was my first villager. It was also half sprinkles and I WANT sprinkles

  3. Ryan’s Gaming says

    Put a finger down if you weren’t paying attention to the villager u were removing to let a camper take over your ugly villager and you get rid of your favorite villager 👇

  4. Karen Villavicencio says

    I got rayymod

  5. uwu babey says

    i know this is out of nowhere but reply to this comment and ask me anything

  6. Stephanie Garcia says

    Omg I lost it where the girl accidentally trapped the other girl by putting an umbrella in front of her while she sat!!! xD

  7. Saw The gamer says


  8. Kaytee Philly says


  9. Gears says

    4:35 that were paused on marshal

  10. Citygames124 says

    4:34 I Got Lolly.TIME TO KICK OUT VIOLET!!!!!

  11. Unicorn Master says


  12. erinswinnerton says

    4:38 Marshall!

  13. 𝒜𝓁𝑒𝓍 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝓇𝒶𝓋𝑒 says

    I got Raymond UwU

  14. iiBubblyVibesii says

    Animal Crossing tiktok memes I dug up instead of fossils

  15. Eva says

    i got zucker

  16. NonsensicalAffairs says

    I got Coco twice -w-)

  17. Zero Faith says


  18. Mr. Anglerfish says

    I got Ellie and she's one of my favoritesEdit: Then I got Nan, another favorite

  19. Gacha Cookie says

    I got the cute pink ottepuss sorry I don't know her name 😅

  20. Meachy says

    I got my Marshall marshmallow :3

  21. Lucinda Eness-Potter says

    I got rosie, who i was unhappy with, so I tried again. I got rosie three more times are u kidding me shes so dumb I have her on my island she talks to trees smh

  22. Shair diaz says

    Omg i got Julián he is my favorite

  23. Robin S. says

    I got Chrissy on the pause thing!

  24. Hannah Hunter says

    I got Whitney & Bianca, their both on my island 😁

  25. margarita arce says

    4:38 I got Olivia she is my favorite villager!!

  26. Alex Schlosser says

    I got Whitney!!

  27. misstressfoxtail05 says

    I got Rosie.

  28. rui is tired says

    I got Tia, she’s one of my favorites! 💕

  29. A H says

    I GOT GAYLEEE! She’s on my island and I LOOOVE her

  30. Wolfmaster Aj says

    I got marshal :>

  31. Mischa Janek says

    Biskit my villiger

  32. Mischa Janek says


  33. Mischa Janek says


  34. Mischa Janek says


  35. Mischa Janek says

    The exactly normal cow

  36. Mischa Janek says

    Hazel. I think that her name?

  37. Mischa Janek says

    Marshal I have that viliger

  38. Mischa Janek says

    Now the octopus with melted chocolate on his head

  39. Mischa Janek says


  40. Amina George says

    I got Julian not a fan but he is nice.

  41. Mischa Janek says

    Myrang the rhino don’t know how to spell it

  42. Mischa Janek says

    Now 5he music makes you lose control penguin

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