2017 NCAA men's cross country championship | FULL DI race


Follow this full archived NCAA Championship race. Justin Knight of Syracuse University edged Matthew Baxter of Northern Arizona University for the individual title at the Division I Men’s Cross Country Championship held at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park on November 18, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  1. Cameron Gray says

    2:03 that’s me

  2. ThaiFhai says

    29:40 cooper coming in.. YEWWW thats my boi! @cooperteare @bencrawford

  3. Steven Dolleris says

    Didn’t know this race was in my hometown

  4. hagos tewolde says

    True runners know what takes to win.. I loved every bit of it indeed . Great finish ..

  5. Donovan Platt says

    lots of EPO was used for this race

  6. Gabriel Dauerheim says

    Who came here because they saw Justyn Knight in the thumbnail

  7. Matthew Beeman says

    I am disappointed that they picked a location that required them to do laps.

  8. Burak Burakk says

    29:45 rip

  9. tosgem says

    Where was the 7th grader kid destroying them all?

  10. FNM XJuicy says

    Zombies are gonna have a hard time chasing these guys

  11. Henry Robinson says

    This coarse is less than a mile from my house

  12. Sam Maier says

    This reminds me of video game speedruns but in real life

  13. Sam Harris says

    Why am I watching this??

  14. Jessica G says

    I will never be a cross country runner in College.

  15. Jessica G says

    I will never be a cross country runner in College.

  16. Gam3rstore says

    I run a 5k in 30 min and think that is decent haha, im sad.

  17. Michael Smith says

    what a stupid finish, to narrow it so much that it's almost a stampede

  18. Im up for a new crusade says

    Why does the justyn knight the winner remind me of Etika.

  19. #Cookie_waves _user says

    we are training cross country!!!! and decided to watch this

  20. cvong101 says

    29:48 they literally be draggin' his a**

  21. Daniel Freeman says

    Anybody else noticing how many runners are collapsing or nearly passing out at the end of the race? Lots of coaches stepping in to help them out of the path

  22. Lachlan Coombs says

    Imagine coming last in that race ?

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