15 Most Unusual Friendships Between Humans and Wild Animals


If you think your animal friend acts like a caged lion on occasion, you can probably blame their ancestry or perhaps a lack of training on your behalf. There are some people, however, that have literally befriended a wild animal and with surprising results. From the man who prefers the company of lions over most people to the bond between a couple and a small hippo calf, here are 15 Most Unusual Friendships between Humans and Wild Animals!

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  1. Vallu Barboza says


  2. easy science says

    Dean schender

  3. ThreePhaseHigh says

    At first I thought Koko was the Democratic nominee for President but then they said she was very smart ! That eliminates any possibility!

  4. Rico Cario says

    tanginang ads yan

  5. Bryan Sosero says

    18:45 those are lions

  6. Marcus Lex says

    The most remarkable of all is the one with the crocodile.

  7. Adnan Mirza says

    Where is Mr.Dean ??

  8. Allan Arcilla says


  9. Castledark Dweller says

    Wait…..WHAT?????? ……HOLY CRAP! …..that man with the pet crocodile??!! …IS HE NUTS??? omg!!! it really does seem like that croc loves him??!! to SWIM with him???? to KISSSSS him????? AAAEEEEEIGHHHHHH!!! love love loving this vid.

  10. dizzydemeter says

    Fun Fact: When Tippy turned 16 her family moved to the USA and she became besties with Regina George. ??‍♂️

  11. Castledark Dweller says

    was that jessica hippo asleep watching tv with the house pet dog asleep ON TOP of the hippo??? gotta love that!

  12. Charlee cox says

    At 4 :49 I found what u said to be very insensitive

  13. kopano setai says

    Its pronounced (Joe)hannesburg

  14. Richard Robbins says

    Narrator: Don't you know how to proof-read your videos? Your need glasses to see that difference between a tiger and a lion!!!!!!

  15. Pradhnya Patil says

    I have a dog he is so lovely

  16. Paul Haku says

    ok dude but fkn stop talking like u are some reality show commentator.. its annoyng

  17. Whitney Ogle says


  18. Gloria Gehring says

    I love the Lion guy he is changing the world of lions

  19. Gloria Gehring says

    It's called love….

  20. James Jenia says

    iN uNDER 11:00 MINS 9 AD'S!

  21. Tricia Brown says

    you sound like your talking in slow mo

  22. Lumush Amos says

    Just like dean Schneider. Good job

  23. Anni B says

    Kwrong] Film

  24. Mishkawolf forever says

    the lion is christian the lion

  25. Mishkawolf forever says

    had a dingo dog i miss him so much, he was dropped off near my house, and passed away from cancer a few yrs ago 🙁

  26. jaco pasto says

    there s no such thing as alpha male.the guy that made that study admited he was wrong.

  27. dmjokinen says


  28. Survivor 5522 says

    #4 was actually Christian the lion. NOT a tiger.

  29. Zs_ 88 says

    I just love penguins, they are so adorable

  30. Alex Matwick says

    My God , do you talk the same way when you are amongst people?

  31. Saman Salar says

    A python ?????

  32. Toini ndeshi Hango says

    Wwe extreme rules 2020 can't wait

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