10 Ways to Sneak Fast Food into the Movies!


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What could be more enjoyable than watching your favorite movie in the cinema? Watching this movie with delicious pizza, candy or burger, of course! And if you don’t know how to bring snacks to the cinema, then watch useful life hacks in our new video!

Supplies and tools:
• Sprite cup
• Instant noodles
• Straw
• Scissors
• Plastic fork
• Cup lid
• Cardboard Coke cups
• Cardboard
• Pencil
• Hot glue
• Headband
• Cowboy hat
• Ziploc bag
• Double sided tape
• Nachos
• Faux leather
• Needle and thread
• Sauces
• Pizza crust
• Cheese
• Salami
• Olives
• Tomatoes
• Brooch pin
• Ring blank
• Edible glue
• Plastic boxes
• Foam paper
• Jump ring
• Chain
• Foam plastic
• Utility knife
• Acrylic paint
• Big bun
• Mustard
• Lettuce
• Bologna

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  1. Nicole Torres says


  2. Classic cynturi austin says


  3. Kyzel Kaye N. Genon says

    0:06 Such a waste of food?

  4. Rubia Guerrero says

    i love you guys you are the best

  5. Alexsandra Perez says


  6. Gamal Hekal says


  7. Elliot Jin Gaming says

    123 go is like you

  8. Shinin_Emerald Playz says

    The new fashion, Food Fashion!

  9. Gaby Martinez says


  10. •snøwleöpard Ruby• says

    Wow there is no way that any of these work! Wanna know how I sneak food in….I just put it in a bag troom troom! Like really you can't sneak pizza in by wearing it around your neck!!!!

  11. manuel Victoria says


  12. -Öreö- Gëräffë- says

    I would buy pop corn then put candy at the bottom

  13. Safiya Khatoon says

    Why are you putting old hacks ??????

  14. John Kennedy says


  15. M y M Winter says


  16. Christophe Jennie says

    Your gonna come out looking different if the food shows on the outside

  17. bssni touir says

    Those French fries have had enough.

  18. Adhvika Ramkumar says

    Why are the poor innocent French fries ? getting dropped

  19. Thembelani Hubela says

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????? the

  20. Zoey RICHARDSON says

    Yoir the best

  21. Avanell Dublin says

    Nice you. Good at this i wish i can do that but i can get locked up

  22. ·Lemon Drops· says

    This video is so dumbbb.

  23. Lihnin Par says


  24. abdullah ghumman says


  25. Manga lol says

    Who is going to watch movies at a theatre in these conditions anyway?

  26. Sakshi Ghadigaonkar says


  27. Domenik Folia says


  28. K-Bean Mixes says

    Wait wtf is this video???? In my countries cinema, we can take stuff like corn dogs and things into the cinema. So this video is totally useless to me.

  29. Esha Batool says

    Useless Isme to hum has bhi nahi parahe hai useless ????????????????????????

  30. Kritika Singh says

    Really??!! Are you so badly out of ideas ????

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